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ZEROTIME: AI Takeover: Devastating Job Losses, Incoming Universal Basic Income (UBI)

    mariazeee – July 5th, 2023

    Employees in Australia are complaining because they have to go back to the office, yet AI is about to cut their livelihoods in a way that is predicted to cause abandoned, desolate ‘Rust Belt’ suburbs across the country because they can no longer afford their mortgages and be retrained in time for the AI takeover of jobs.

    We discuss the sinister direction governments around the world are heading in as the solution; Universal Basic Income; designed to enslave everyone to a welfare system where they are only paid if they are good, little compliant slaves to the system.

    ZEROTIME was born out of a desperate need for the truth in Aussie news. For too long, the mainstream media has been lying to the Australian people. Zeee Media commits to bringing you the truth every Wednesday night at 8PM, highlighting key issues the world is facing, how it affects our country and the dangers to our democracy.

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