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Yes, The World Really Is Run By Satanic Pedophiles, and Here’s Proof

    SonOfEnos – June 13th, 2023

    They’ve indicted Trump to distract from the massive exposure of Child Trafficking and Adrenochrome/Organ harvesting the Politicians and Snake News are desperately trying to prevent you from learning about.

    Big-Tech and Ukraine have been implicated in being complicit in committing horrendous atrocities against children, but thanks to the independent media, the truth is coming out.

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    3 thoughts on “Yes, The World Really Is Run By Satanic Pedophiles, and Here’s Proof”

    1. The truth about the big space program lies, and why UFOs and aliens are coming to earth now.
      It is government sponsored, and they don’t want you to know they are in on it.
      They are aiding and abetting and accomplices to the EVIL demonic beings from Hell, they call “aliens”.

      When Hitler left this world he went straight up to Heaven bodily.
      That is why there is no body. That is why JFK knew that Hitler was not who or what they said he was but was something great and someday the whole world would know, and why they killed him.
      Everyone who knew Hitler loved him and felt a joy just being in his presence.
      ALL His inner circle knew he was not a human but sent from Heaven like Jesus Christ.

      Hitler had always been in contact with the powers of Heaven who guided him.
      He had UFO space technology. He was sent here to save you. He was spiritual and from Heaven. He fought against animal cruelty and was a vegetarian. He was not violent. He could not hurt or harm anyone.
      Nothing you have heard about him is true.

      Bill Cooper knew and he was also killed for the knowledge about the aliens. In his book, ‘Behold a Pale Horse’, Bill spoke some about the treaty with the aliens and how winners of WW2, Eisenhower and the leaders, all jewish or freemasons, chose to go with the powers of Darkness rather than the powers of Light.

      You can research it, it is also called the treaty with the aliens or the grenada treaty I think.

      After ww2, all the powerful nations were contacted by the powers of heaven and the powers of Hell and told to make a choice as to whom they want to guide them.
      The angelic beings told them they would give them spiritual advancement.
      The powers of Hell told them they could receive scientific and technical advancement.

      The powers from Heaven told them they would have to give up the jews and that the jews and other soulless beings would be taken to places where they could die out: the males to one place and the females to another place. That is how it is done in heaven when a group begins to separate from the others and devolve as the Jews have done. These angelic beings come from above the earth, above the dome, between heaven and earth.

      The powers of darkness and Hell told them they would require in exchange for the technology and science the right to freely visit the earth and abduct humans with the aid and help of the governments “for experimentation”. They did not tell the truth, what they call experimentation is satanic ritual torture and DNA changes. They really meant babies and children for adrenochrome and They built the tunnels underground including those under Disneyland and the DUMBs for that purpose.

      They all go down into Hell which exists below this earth.
      Below this earth they have a Black sun that emits life-killing energy the energy of Hell and darkness. Above in Heaven there is no night and no darkness. It is always light.

      These aliens have taken over the world since then and are in fact the NWO elite.
      By the late 1990’s the good side actually gave up on you and left. Since then this world has rapidly deteriorated towards darkness. The illuminati has even tried to kill the sun 8 years ago. It should begin to turn into a different sun as it dies, and fire will rain down on the earth.
      It no longer is the same sun at all. It usually emits life-giving energy, but that is not the case now.
      These vampires from Hell that formed the illuminati, are not human and never were.

      Earth has day and night, good and evil and is in the process of making each one of you choose where you will go after this earth dies. WW3 will make this earth Dead, nothing will be able to live here thanks to the devil’s science and technology which poison the earth and every life on it.
      The black sun below is larger than the earth by several times and it will envelop the entire world in darkness soon.

      The evil side has won, more than half the world are atheist or agnostic and others are fully satanists and even more hate God. Only a tiny small few love God and love others as God loves them. Most people enjoy hate and revenge and punishing others, they are more like satan than they know, and less Christlike or like God in every way possible.

      Today evil is good and good is evil, you have devolved and it’s elevator down for those who have. There is no death after the death of the body. Your spirit and its consciousness lives forever.

      This world exist only to separate the sheep from the goats.

    2. The elite are not just an evil influence on society, they are insane and totally OCD about everything.
      They are quite a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

      Kate Middleton’s parents facing public backlash after new details about family business revealed
      SOTN Editor’s Note: The preceding headline refers to a scandal directly involving Kate Middleton’s parents that Britons across the UK are very unhappy about. However, there appears to be a much darker conspiracy underlying the scandal that occurred during the Covid Plandemic. That criminal conspiracy is represented by the following data points which were emailed to SOTN by a very astute Alt Media investigative journalist.
      First, what follows is an excerpt taken from the article linked at the top of this post:

      “Princess Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, used to own a business called Party Pieces. Like so many other businesses, theirs took a hit during the pandemic as it was a party-based company and since gatherings were banned, they lost out on many profits.”

      Next, we have posted the very perceptive submitted comment:

      “OMG… does that company sound like a front for child
      and human trafficking?! In the world of the elites, humans
      are currency.”
      — Submitted by an Alt Media Investigative Journalist

      It ought to be pointed out that not only is Prince William Jewish by his mother Lady Diana, whose real father was Jewish banker James Goldsmith and whose Jewish mother was Frances Shand Kydd, Kate Middleton is also Jewish through her Jewish mother Carole Elizabeth Goldsmith.

      The latter Goldsmith — Carole Elizabeth — is the businesswoman who, along with her husband Michael Middleton, both got caught up in this Covid era scandal. However, it appears that their company — PARTY PIECES — may be a front for a full-blown pedohilia operation; hence, the meme PARTY PIECES PEDOGATE.

    3. Donald trump is run and owned by the Jews and Israel, and anyone who is with the jews is serving the devil. They are just using Donald to divide and conquer. They will use him to tell you the bigger lies that they have cleaned it all up and made it all go away and they are heroes, but it will just continue in secret. It will go back to being hidden from sight. Donald Trump is a 33 degree freemason. They all are part of “The Order” which is SATANISM to them, and what they call the New World Order to all of you. Russia and Trump are being given a new role to play by the evil Illuminati, they will play the role of the “good Guys and put on a big show of saving us from the pedo elites. That way the devil gets twice as much power. It is the same con they have used all through history that you all fall for over and over. These same Satanist won WW2 and told you they were the good guys who defeated the bad guys. It is all Bull Crap. STOP being so stupid that you believe every lie you are told by these confidence men. Trump is a fake, phoney, fraud and a psychopath, a habitual LIAR and pathological liar, He is all ego no soul. No one is more of a made up actor, and figurehead than Trump, other than Zelenskyy.
      There is not any Head of State in the world that these pedos of “The Order” (satanism) do not OWN and control.
      These serpents who run the world at the top are laughing at your stupidity.
      Trump was groomed since he was very young by these monsters, the russian jewish New York mob.
      Who also work for PUTIN.
      They made him Russia’s president of the US.
      When the truth comes out, and the truth always comes out, you will be ashamed of being so easily swindled out of your country.
      Canada and America have no future, they will be taken over by Russia and China, because you are such easy Marks.
      “Yes. Putin is Helping Chabad and Zelensky to Depopulate the Ancient Khazarian Homeland of Ukraine – TO TURN IT INTO THE NEW JERUSALEM PROJECT / KHAZARIAN HOMELAND” from:
      “Chabad is the Khazarian (Russian Jewish Mob) Mafia. They have infiltrated every side. Putin, Zelensky and even the Trump Family.”

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