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Would you murder a few thousand people for $250,000? If so you could be a doctor!

    Jim Crenshaw – May 16th, 2023

    They got paid to kill people. Big bucks. And more money for the system that fed them. They sold us out (most but not all). Never trust a doctor or a cop. They will both kill you and not know what they really did or why they really did it.
    Source: CANST – Children Are NOT Sex Toys / GMNo!:

    1 thought on “Would you murder a few thousand people for $250,000? If so you could be a doctor!”

    1. All the Allopathic doctors are frauds.
      Real doctors heal the soul and the body and mind all together and they do not use poisons to do it.
      They use their connection with God, like the Shamans of old.
      They use Life-giving energy to Heal like Jesus, they cast out demons.
      The poisons that satanic allopathic doctors use make people demonically possessed.
      Stay away from these slimy doctors that just want your money and to keep you getting sicker to make more money on you forever. They serve satan not God. They want you to think they are God.
      They are all snakes and liars. Greedy psychopaths.
      Prayer does more good than their miserable lethal poisons do.
      They all go to Hell after they die.
      Modern Allopathic medicine was created by the JEWS.
      The jews serve Satan.
      They started it with the inquisition, EVERY time there was an inquisition in the middle ages, it was when a converted Marrano JEW became POPE.
      The witches they tortured and killed and took all their wealth and property from weere the Christian HEALERS=Shamans.
      All over the world there is NATURAL healing from ancient times from Healers.
      ONLY in Europe was it destroyed, by the evil JEWS.
      They started to give people POISONS back then, they used Mercury as a medicine back then, they still put it in the vaccines. The Jews are all satanists and they love to torture animals and use “medical experimentation on animals as a cover for their true purpose: Satanic rituals.
      If you torture and cruelly abuse animals you are a SATANIST.
      That is how they get money and power from Satan.
      The Jews have no souls and are born psychopaths they just have greed and want to dominate and control people to harm everyone they can to please their master: SATAN.
      They have used medicine to destroy you mentally, physically and spiritually for years.
      The jews put poisons in everything the gentiles need: food water and air.
      They HATE gentiles because we have souls, we have God, and they know we have something that they have no idea about, no comprehension of, and never will understand. They do not have any connection to GOD. God has powers that are GOOD. They only Know SATAN whose only power is to do EVIL.
      He is all they Know, he is their GOD. He has NO good and nothing of God in him.
      He enslaves the jews and owns them and gives them no free will.
      They have to do his will they have no other choice.
      All jews die and go straight to Hell when they do.
      They have made all the doctors and all gentiles who are part of any of their for evil only monopolies, honorary jews themselves, psychopaths on their way to eternal Hell.
      To accept or have anything to do with any jew will ruin your life.
      It is what jews do: they ruin all life around them.
      They are destroyers of LIFE, just like their God SATAN.

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