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Why is the truth about Hitler, National Socialism and the events of World War 2 so important today

Page Chronicles – September 20th, 2022

Do not red pill (go down the rabbit hole) into a black pill (Nihilism) but rather shoot for the Gold pill(conscious positive action) ,,. know your adversary …

My Tidbit: Christian … can you handle the Truth? To me, there is nothing like the European Christian Worldview. From what I gathered, the world of the many is controlled by a very few, These few have minions of subordinates in the hundreds of thousands. These few are nothing less than Mercantile Banker Pirates. You night have heard of BlackRock or Vanguand and how it own most of the big businesses at the end of the day.
I wonder what is going to happen with the central banks when the fed cannot service it’s debt? … and then there’a BRICS(s.
This clique has not waived from their original M.O. and their 4 major streams of sourcing revenue. 1, Banking – Control economies/nations by controlling the money and its issuance) 2. Slavery (from the slave trade to indebted slaves of a banking cabal), 3 Weapons/Arms selling to both sides of the conflict often causing the conflict and bonus lending to both sides)4. Drugs (Narcotics – Pharma/T”he Rona”???)
– These few believe themselves to be “Chosen People.”The chosen people of Ba’al (LORD GOD) -I will agree because they are certainly not the chosen of the Most High/Divine Creator … by their fruits you will know them, The children of Moses will accept the anointed one(Christ Jesus, Messiah, Logos) In the beginning was the “Logos” and the Logos was with God and the Logos was God, C Thrist Jesus was the Logos incarnate.(logic, reason, rationale, the mind of God).
The head of the snake had proclaimed that there are too many eaters(mankind) and something must be done to save the planet.
These few and their minions not on;y believe in this vision but they have engineered a depopulation agenda and we are in the midst of a “Live Exercise.” To me, these atheist with their trans-humanism have made their plans clear for full spectrum dominance the 3th Reich, The “Great Reset” slavery via digital- Digital ID and (CBDC – central bank digital currency and assets) to Usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Welcome to the Technocratic Totalitarian State brought to you by the R&D of technology and science culminating in the fusion of the biological, physical and digital,. Doesn’t SKYNET or Big Brother come to mind? There will be no privacy or private property in world of 24/7/365 surveillance.
I a fan of Frank O’Collins and his UCADIA model … ideas of solutions for our present condition should always be considered – at least I do, Logos rising … There is spiritual war upon us and it;s between Christ and the anti-Christ and we’re in the midst. It’s time to stand and fight for what is just, right and fair,

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