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Why did the people not see?

    Inlakech – January 18th, 2023

    Why did the people not see?

    2 thoughts on “Why did the people not see?”

    1. It is much worse than that.
      They want you naked and in cages with shock collars.
      Psychopaths are all Satanists, because they truly believe evil is good and good is evil.
      Forcing people and children to eat bugs is a form of SATANISM, it is S&M.
      The elite will drive humanity to insanity if they get their way.
      That is what they want to do. Like the Hollywood person did to Shelly DuVall, and most likely many others.
      These elite are very dangerous and harmful people. They should all be locked up.
      Every one of them should be arrested for what they have done and are planning to do to the entire world.
      Get ready for worse than the Inquisition, just as they did in Russia and China’s commie revolutions, and Billions will die from torture. Some people are born without souls, they are born psychopaths.
      They seek to dominate and control. They do not use sex for love, affection or procreation, they use it only for sick relationships that are only about torture.
      One thing people do not know about psychopaths is they really do not like sex, or lovemaking, nothing like it. However, they all will pretend they do, to be in a relationship with their “victims”.
      They do not have normal relationships, they have hostages they lie to, and then destroy.
      These gender benders believe that if they also lie and pose as a female they can more easily control, manipulate and con other men, and also a lesbian other women.
      They go for the money and to take all and destroy their victim.
      They claim they want loving relationships but they have no concept or ability to love.
      They pretend to love if there is something in it for them.
      But most of all they are sadists.
      Gay men are all either a Top/sadist, or a bottom=slave/masochist.
      The trans-men are the tops, especially if they have a large thing.
      These transgenders are manipulators and narcissists who are obsessed with their sexuality in order to use it to dominate and control in “relationships” which are in reality hostage situations.
      The attitude they want is like Stockholm syndrome in their victim, a bottom/masochist.
      The truth is that many mental breakdowns that lead to hospitalization, are the “bottoms” in an S&M, B&D type of relationship who are tortured sadistically until they are insane (Shelly DuVall).
      It happens not only in gay relationships, which are exclusively S&M, B&D types, but also in heterosexual relationships as well. Hollywood stars who may wander naked in the street are really victims of this type of torture. It is not drugs, it is S&M which is often done with illegal and legal drugs.
      Which is sick and disgusting and should be illegal.
      Sadistic personality disorder goes hand in hand with psychopaths and they all are obsessed with S&M.
      The elite are all like that.
      Many wealthy and powerful men want to be a bottom to a Mistress, like Bill Gates, and Marina Abroomawitch.
      Klaus is a bottom to sadistic little Harari.
      It is quite common in the Ashkenazim, and they brought it openly to Germany, and pissed off many people.
      It is SATANIC. Anything only done and acceptable in HELL is SATANISM.
      It is a SATANIC ritual to practice S&M.
      The elite’s ideal society is HELL, a satanic Hell where they are the “masters” their version the psychopath’s version of what God is.
      They are not evolving higher.
      They have devolved lower and will continue to do so.
      Once you lose your soul entirely, you are of Hell, and not of God any more or ever again.
      They have already passed the point of no return to God, love, truth, peace and oneness.

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