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WHO Passes Last Minute Amendments, Ukraine Troops Surrendering, & more w/ James Roguski (1of2)

    Sarah Westall – Business Game Changers – May 30th, 2022

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    First Sarah gives an update on the Ukraine War situation and the massive inflammation pandemic we are now seeing following the mRNA treatments. Then James Roguski rejoins the program to discuss the last minute amendments that were approved by the WHO. He explains what this means and that, even though they still passed amendments, they did not pass the amendments the United States submitted. It is a battle won, but not the war. You can learn more about James Roguski and his mission to leave the WHO at

    Solutions to keep from getting sick and to reverse mRNA damage – Dr. Joe Nieusma:

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    3 thoughts on “WHO Passes Last Minute Amendments, Ukraine Troops Surrendering, & more w/ James Roguski (1of2)”

    1. These elite will be destroyed very soon, Even so, when they will be brought down to the lowest level, they will be in closer contact with us. The roving bands of killers and cannibals in many people’s vision of the future are them, they are demonic entities, right now they possess the bodies of the very super wealthy, however, when the economic collapse occurs in October, they will move into the bodies of the soulless ones, who took the vaccines and the chips in the hand and brain. Some will be soldiers. It is because, the world will become like Hell, and they are the original makers of Hell. The elite are the original fallen angels. They love Hell, they invented it. They will be among us doing things that are only done by demons in Hell.
      from the vision of Sara Menet (1979)

      “The next thing I saw was people being sick and dying. I saw this particularly in four cities: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Salt Lake. The disease started by having white blisters, some the size of dimes appear on their hands, arms and face. This quickly developed into white puffy sores and blisters. People would stumble about and fall and then many died within a short time, maybe 24 hours. I also saw other people with blood coming from their nose, mouth, eyes and ears. It started like a flu virus and it spread very quickly, faster than the other white blister disease. The people who had this disease died even faster. This was more wide spread across the entire United States. There were hundreds of thousands of people stricken with these two diseases.

      I knew that the diseases, and there were several different kinds, but at first primarily these two, came from small containers that had been brought into the United States. These containers were like quart jars and I was impressed that the people carrying them would just drop them on the ground in large crowds of people and the people would become infected without realizing it.

      In these cities as the disease spread, the people tried to flee from the cities out to the countryside. There was complete chaos in these cities and a breakdown of normal society. There was no electricity in them either, but I don’t know why or how that came to be. There were cars piled up everywhere, blocking roadways and most people then had to walk out with nothing. The disease started to spread beyond these initial cities.”

      Another one similar: (1987-1999) (first 15 paragraphs are not important)
      “showing me a scenario of events that will take place beginning with a worldwide economic collapse that would take place in the month of October. I asked her if it would be this October and she said that it would take place in October. I pressed her for a year and she asked why I needed to know the year. When I pressed her about the year the October would come in she asked why I was so concerned about when? I was just to know that these will happen and don’t worry about when because everything is subject to change because of man’s free agency. If we would but turn to Christ, open up and have love in our hearts and get a personal relationship with Him we could change everything because it’s not set in stone.

      I was told it will actually begin in the United States. I know that economies of other countries have been in near collapse, but what I saw was that it starts in the United States. The reason behind the collapse is to bring down America. I don’t think they want to totally destroy America. They just want to bring it under their control. Concerning the economic collapse, my mother said I would hear rumors and then they will get louder and then the collapse happens real quickly. I was told just recently that we’ll go to bed one night and everything will seem fairly normal. We will wake up the next morning and it will have happened. So it will literally happen overnight or over a weekend like Friday to Monday……. In a very short period of time there will be a famine like we’ve never seen before. I believe for the most part this famine is brought upon us. It’s premeditated and planned out. No one works. No trucks bring food deliveries. Famine is brought on very quickly as stores are cleaned out within hours. There is nothing to eat so people kill others because they are hungry. After a time they begin to kill because they enjoy it. All of them become very depraved. I saw these marauding bands doing awful sadistic sexual acts, cannibalism, eating people while they are still alive and kicking.” (It will be demons in soulless, human bodies doing this).

      We can change this, it is not written in stone.
      “It will be like everyone dying from these horrible diseases and some won’t even get them. I saw ways we would be protected which would be nothing less than miraculous. The only way we are going to make it is to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I can’t stress hard enough that it is of the utmost necessity to have a personal relationship with and a testimony of Jesus Christ. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of revelation. Personal revelation is going to be absolutely vital. If you don’t have the money to get physically prepared, fine, get prepared spiritually. It’s the most important way to prepare. It’s only through Jesus Christ that we are going to be saved. These things we will walk through are going to be scary, but it’s the only way we can be sufficiently humbled and purified to meet our Savior when he returns. That is what it is really all about. “

    2. The problem is that these monsters, demonic reptilians, of the WHO, all the 33 degree Illuminati Freemasons, are not of this earth. They are spirit, they have escaped from Hell with the help of the american government, the USATAN, since ww2. The space program and all technology we have was in exchange for bringing them here. They do not die. They can inhabit soulless bodies, that is why their war is with Christianity and Jesus, It is necessary for them to destroy souls, to have physical bodies, so they can enjoy what they get pleasure from: acts of sadism so horrible, no one could ever imagine. Even after they are brought down with the fall of the global economy, they will not hide from us. They will be out here making Hell on earth. Enjoying all the torture they inflict. The main reason for the mark of the beast and the DNA changes and the chips in the brain is to make people soulless, so they can possess their bodies. The main reason the government has allowed all the corruption and degeneracy, with sex and violence and the downfall of our society and families is to bring satanism to an acceptable regard, and make people lose their souls so they can take bodies. They want to corrupt society on a global level, and bring all of the demons of Hell to the earth and they have successfully accomplished that already. They can’t die and they will not leave the earth until the black sun arrives to take them all away. They fear the black sun becasue it means their fun is over.

    3. Right now these demons are loving what evil they can get away with secretly by being the wealthiest. The most powerful. However, when the chaos begins, they will take any bodies they can, because then during the chaos, as in War, they can get away with anything they please, openly. No one will stop them. That is why they want to Vax genocide all the soldiers and police and get rid of most of them. So their will be no law anymore. They want to savoir every moment they have before the black sun arrives. They need a total breakdown of society to do that. Pray for the black sun to come and get them before it gets too horrible on earth. It is their new permanent inescapable prison.
      They want to use the space program to get away from earth, before the black sun arrives, as they did on Maldak, when they traveled to the earth before Maldak exploded/imploded. They won’t get away this time because luckily our space program is crap and the Power of God won’t allow it.
      God is in control.

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