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Who Are They?

    Bowne Report – Sep 3, 2021

    Who are they? Who are the people hitting the flippers on the walkaway Joe pinball machine? Most of Biden’s cabinet is essentially just as useless as bumbling Joe. But there are some notable exceptions. Is it Obama’s former Ebola White House Response Coordinator and Fannie Mae and Asbestos lobbyist now White House Chief Of Staff Ron Klain?

    Is it Obama’s minion in Chief and former UN Ambassador Susan Rice who is now Biden’s Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council?

    Is it DNI Director Avril Haines who oversaw hundreds or possibly thousands of civilian drone murders under Obama? Yeah, those people maybe responsible for cutting the mic on BIden. Or instructing him not to take questions.

    But who is turning the Biden wind up toy besides a steady diet of goading from the Obama camp?

    The history of the Biden family’s compromised treachery has to find a way into the Administration’s Globalist UN Think Tank policy objectives.

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    Bowne Report

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