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White House Plans To Donate Millions Of COVID Shots After Pfizer Says ‘Mysterious’ White Particles Are ‘Safe’

    Tyler Durden – Friday, Sep 17, 2021

    Nothing to see here…

    After finding mysterious white floating contaminants in five unused vials of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine (the safety profile of which is presently being reexamined by an FDA advisory board) Pfizer has managed to convince Japanese health authorities that the particles are “safe”.

    Apparently, the vials containing the white floating matter all belong to the same Pfizer vaccine lot (No. FF5357), said the cities of Sagamihara, and Kamakura, and Sakai, according to the Kyodo News agency. The vaccines were discovered in different areas, and vaccine lots can often number in the hundreds of thousands of jabs. Local health authorities asked that Pfizer “review” the substances in the vials, though they didn’t ask that shots from the same lot be suspended.

    Meanwhile, back in the US, the Washington Post just reported – in an “exclusive” scoop likely spoon-fed to its journalists – that the administration is planning to buy hundreds of millions of additional doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech jab to donate to less fortunate countries from around the world. The announcement is expected to be made around the start of next week’s United Nations General Assembly meeting, though the details haven’t yet been finalized.

    Some might say the administration’s latest “gift” is merely more transparent virtue signaling as Biden continues to push booster jabs in the US against the wishes of the WHO.

    Well, never mind all that. Because, during a press conference on Wednesday, Pfizer’s Japanese subsidiary said the material was likely ingredients that had not been fully dissolved and would not affect the safety or the performance of the vaccine. What’s more, Pfizer revealed that through Sept. 5, floating matter had been reported in 95 vials.

    It’s not the first vaccine incident in recent weeks. Several weeks ago, the Japanese Health Ministry suspended 1.63MM doses of Moderna’s COVID jab due to contamination. Weeks later, their government confirmed early in September that three people died after receiving a shot from the since-suspended batches of Moderna’s vaccine (which of course is based on the same mRNA technology as the Pfizer jab).

    An investigation later revealed that stainless steel particulates had contaminated the Moderna doses. The two firms traced it back to a production site in Spain.

    Three deaths have been reported in Japan among recent recipients of the Moderna jab. But no link was established between the deaths and any potential contamination.

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