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What is Loxism?

The Freedom Ministry – May 7th, 2020

Loxism is the hatred of White people by Jews. It is the most pervasive form of racial hatred on the planet, and yet it is never mentioned by the mainstream of society. It is the driving force behind global events, and yet we are threatened with imprisonment or social ostracization for mentioning it.

Jewish hatred of the White race has led to the spread of homosexuality, feminism, atheism and other forms of aggressive assault on our culture. It has led to a looting of our nations. It has led to an organized invasion by non-White hordes, controlled and commanded by Jewish agents.

Loxism has reshaped the entire world. And yet, it goes unmentioned.

Kikes are related to Arabs. They are dirty disgusting filthy fucking liars ((( Esau Edomites ))) –

3 thoughts on “What is Loxism?”

  1. The true reason why the world is in shambles now, so much so, that it will soon be destroyed, is because people think the jews are special people.
    They do not know that Judaeo-Christianity is an oxymoron.
    There are the children of God who have souls where Jesus Christ lives in us, and angels to guard us all, who are given free will by their father God almighty to attain heaven as their final reward.
    Then there is “the jews”, who are the slaves of Satan and the fallen angels.
    Who murdered Christ and called for his blood to be on their hands and their children.
    They have no souls. What they think are their souls are their DELUSIONAL GRANDIOSE EGOS, which is the part of their spirit that contains SATAN, because they have no idea what souls are. They have no idea who Jesus Christ is, They have no idea what love is.
    The jews have no comprehension of what Heaven is like, what good is there above, and they never will know any goodness or heaven.
    The blood of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior is on their hands forever.
    The jews only know and comprehend evil, sin, what is not of heaven, what is not good, because they only know the will of their father: the devil, Lucifer, who does not allow them any freewill, or free choice. They only know and comprehend those actions and states of mind that bring a person down to eternal Hell.
    When a jew is born of a soulless jewish mother it has no soul.
    It has a demon from Hell to control it completely, not guardian angels of God to protect it as Christians do.
    Born of a soulless jew mother:it is a jew of the ashkenazi 13th lost tribe. The ones who refused to accept Jesus as their savior, as the son of God and killed him.
    Why did they kill him?
    They were offered by satan the same thing that satan offered Jesus in the wilderness: all the power and wealth in the whole world if they would deny God and serve Lucifer as their God in his place.
    They then began to work for the devil and chased Jesus and sought to kill him and defame him.
    They began a war against Jesus, they paid Judas the 30 pieces of silver etc, ect, and called for Barabbas to be released and Jesus to be crucified.
    Just as 1/3rd of the Angels under Lucifer began to attack God and sought to replace God with themselves and enslave the other Angels and God under their domination and rule,
    the jews made in the image of those fallen angels, seek to destroy the children of God, the gentiles.
    Even the former jews of israel who became Christians and are now gentiles, they despise.
    They have not stopped fighting Jesus ever since. They have worked for the devil ever since.
    They want their reward of all the wealth and power in the world that they sold their souls to satan to receive. They even invented satanic freemasonry, to get gentiles to do the same: to worship Satan and to literally sell their souls to Satan for wealth and power, by signing a blood oath contract.
    Often with the sacrifice of their own first born child.
    PITY them. They have nothing. They have only one life then eternity in HELL to look forward to.
    They are pathetic and miserable and JEALOUS, of we who do have souls.
    That is why the end of their time here is coming.
    They want to implant devices into all gentiles that will remove their souls from their bodies.
    They began with the VAXXX that removes the Holy spirit from the body.
    Just as 1/3rd of the Angels in Heaven were cast out of heaven for following Lucifer,
    Satan wants to take all the children of God to eternal HELL with his jewish mini me minions.
    He can only take the ones who love and worship the jews, who have already fallen for their lies and deceit and become deranged and perverted like the jews themselves.
    All those who accept the ways of the jews, which are the path to eternal Hell and antichrist ways, will be leaving this world to spend eternity in Hell with the jews and the devil.
    Anyone who has allowed the jews to turn them against God and his Son and the Holy Spirit, will be cast down into the abyss forever at the end of this world.
    Anyone who supports and aids and gives themselves to jews even as friends, will spend eternity in HELL, because they have given them what the devil promised the jews when he bought their souls.
    Wealth and power over the whole world = the NWO.
    Only those who reject the jews and deny them what the devil promised them, will be taken up to Heaven at the end of this world and will receive the glory and majesty due the true children of Christ the KING. The rest are traitors to their own brothers and sisters. They have acted as accessories to the crimes of the jews against humanity and are equally accountable for all the sins the jews commit against us, the chosen people of God, his faithful and true children who love and adore him and obey his commandments.
    The religion of all jews is SATANISM, the Fallen angels of Hell are who they pray to and serve.
    God has NOTHING to do with nor does he give anything to do with the jews.
    They no longer exist to him. They killed his only begotten SON, Our Lord and KING, JESUS of Nazareth.
    The fact that Britain and the USA gave the Holy Land to the jews who are the enemies of God and our souls and all that is Holy-Land Christian, for their fraud of a holocaust and serve them like slaves, is the reason both nations will be totally destroyed very soon.
    The fact that they fight wars against other gentiles for the devil jews, is why America is called the Whore of Babylon in the Bible.
    Putin who serves Lucifer and the Chabad Lubavitcher antichrist, Berel (Shlomo) Lazar, the head of the Hassidic mafia, will NUKE both nations very soon into oblivion. Britain will sink into the ocean. America will fall in WW3, within 3 weeks of the nukes.
    A nation that is ruled over by the jews is a nation that is owned and enslaved by LUCIFER and the fallen angels of HELL.
    Chabadists believe, that when the 8th Rebbe (satanic priest) comes, all goyim must be murdered
    “First, we will divide the Slavic nations (out of 300 million, half are Russians) into small countries with weak and broken connections. For this we will use our old method: Divide and Conquer. We will try to set these countries against each other and suck them into civil wars to destroy each other.

  2. I agree, the jews are the most miserable and unfortunate people on earth.
    It is better to have never been born than to be born a jew.
    They live in fear, and know they will die and spend eternity in Hell, so they try to get as much power and sinful pleasures of the flesh and break all the 10 commandments before they die and go straight down to eternal Hell forever.
    They exist only as a negative example.
    All you need to be free and have Jesus as your savior is to be the exact opposite of these unfortunate ruined race of future demonic entities of Hell: the jews.
    Do not believe their lies and trust and have faith in God.
    That is why they are the #1 organ traffickers, in the world, and jews have a record number of organ transplants, they fear death and Hell.
    That is why they traffic Children and guzzle adrenochrome as a satanic ritual recreation of Jesus’s crucifixion. They think the adrenochrome, blood of gentile children under the age of 7, sinless like Jesus, will keep them young. Even though they know it makes them UGLY like demons at the same time. Because the more they do it, the more demons possess them, giving them strength and powers. They call that and all their satanic rituals “getting power”.
    But it is really getting more possessed by demons that control them and make them adrenochrome addicts. They really do it to prolong their lies so they can go down to Hell later than sooner.
    They are so fearful of death, the jews that when they are attacked and think they may die, they poop and pee themselves.
    They are very sad and pathetic miserable creatures.
    How horrible is it to never know God or his love?
    How they must suffer knowing they can never have souls or get to Heaven.
    No wonder they hate us.
    All the money and power in the entire world is not worth spending eternity in Hell because you have lost your soul and the souls of your own children to the devil forever.
    Turn away from these antichrist people and seek Jesus.
    Do not have anything to do with the killers of Christ, or they will try to destroy your souls and take you down to Hell with them.

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