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What do YOU see?

    LPVP – April 7th, 2023

    Hope this goes through, we got a ice rain storm on Wednesday that created huge power outages everywhere. I was lucky enough to be in one where the power came back after 5 hours but others are still waiting and they said most of the people(80%) would get it back today and the rest Saturday.
    The internet has gone on and off ever since the power outages and I even lost power last night as they try to reconnect everyone.
    Hopefully everything will back to normal for Saturday Night Uploads but I will keep you updated with pin comments on this video.
    Have an excellent Good Friday everyone, God Bless!!

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    1 thought on “What do YOU see?”

    1. The concept is correct but this example is poor, trust me it would be easy to see the exact same example and have the images different sizes. Was that intentional ? You say they were to easily fooled and were tricked because they didn’t trust their own senses, I say believe nothing until you are convinced though examination of the details. Terence McKenna had a saying ” mind the minute particulates ” . Never allow someone to force you quickly into judgement of a situation. Ever.

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