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We’re Being Played: Video Shows COVID Vaccine Being Administered With Empty Syringe

    World leaders know experimental COVID-19 vaccine poses great risks to health – March 13th 2021, 11:23 am

    Image Credit:@HerbertBurnsMMA/Twitter

    Shocking video out of Brazil shows the country’s Health Secretary receiving a COVID-19 vaccination that appears to actually be an empty syringe.

    Brazil’s Secretary of Health Benedita Oliveira is shown in the video supposedly receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in Quixada, but closer inspection reveals the vaccine syringe is empty, with the doctor administering it slightly pulling the plunger back to give the impression he’s about to squeeze the vaccine into her arm.

    Covid-19 vaccination in Quixada, BA, Brazil. Take a closer look at the empty syringe ????????!
    ????????‍♂️????????‍♂️— Herbert Burns (@HerbertBurnsMMA) January 23, 2021

    Other televised COVID-19 vaccinations show similar antics.

    This video from University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas shows healthcare workers getting jabbed with the syringe, with the plunger already fully pressed, indicating the COVID-19 vaccine was never actually administered.

    Some have even received the vaccine with the plastic cap still on the needle.

    For example, the premier of Queensland, Australia, Annastacia Palaszczuk, was seen on TV receiving a COVID jab with the cap still on, prompting the Associated Press to call the incident a conspiracy theory after questions began piling up.

    They really do think that we are all stupid….
    Either that or they’re just taking the p1ss….
    Australia’s First Minister ‘receives’ the Covid 19 vaccine from a needle with the cap STILL ON!#pathetic

    — Andy V (@andyvblue) December 21, 2020

    But why the deception?

    Perhaps these government officials know the risks of taking the experimental COVID-19 vaccines are not worth it.

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