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We Are READY | May 20th GLOBAL EVENT – Are You Ready to protect your family and friends?

    Rogue Nation Eternal Militia – April 21st, 2023

    The time for negotiation is over…WE ARE READY!!! Bring it on!
    Let’s show them how many of us are ready to STAND IN THEIR WAY.

    Please SHARE, copy & paste and repost this information & spread it WORLDWIDE!

    For all the locations and info go to:

    MAIN website homepage:

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    1 thought on “We Are READY | May 20th GLOBAL EVENT – Are You Ready to protect your family and friends?”

    1. I believe that Mary, Joseph and Jesus Christ our lord will also be there, and will appear to all the crowds at all these displays of rejection of the demonic beings attempting to take control of the world.
      Miracles do happen when people believe, have faith and resist evil, and do good in its place.
      Overcome evil with good: UNITE. A house divided will fall.
      The devil always uses his old tried and true, divide and conquer strategy.
      This time it the devil will fail.
      The demonic beings are going down, to eternal Hell very soon, and very quickly, they will all BURN for eternity.

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