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We are Now Entering the Final Battle Between GOOD and EVIL

    SonOfEnos – May 17th, 2023

    All the dominoes are falling into place and the whole diseased temple is about to come crashing down. The signs are there for those who have eyes to see, want to know when it’s all going down? Then watch this report to find out.

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    1 thought on “We are Now Entering the Final Battle Between GOOD and EVIL”

    1. Once you do anything that is evil for Satan, he owns you forever, until you destroy your soul or sell it to him.
      Then die and go immediately to Hell, as Judas did. A soulless human who leaves earth without a soul or having rejected God for Lucifer, goes straight to Hell forever.
      For the killers of Christ, they asked that “his blood be on their hands and on their children’s hands forever”.
      So that ever since they can give birth only to soulless Godless children owned by Satan.
      What Satan promised them in return for Killing Jesus, was: all the wealth and power in the world.
      A carrot he holds in front of all jews that keeps them his minions under his total control.
      Because without Satan and money the jews would have NOTHING.
      God gives them NOTHING. They can only survive by stealing from those who God does provide for.
      Many gentile people have a desire for wealth and power, also. The devil seeks those who can be tempted by that wealth and power. He tempts all of us with desire for wealth and power and he gives it only to all who will worship Satan as God. He wants you all to be jews, his servants, his minions he can totally control. You will have nothing once you turn from God. You will depend on Satan’s money alone for life.
      Satan and the fallen angels of Hell took over the family of those jews/Pharisees, who were the generation of the sons of Ashkenaz, son of Japheth, son of Gomer, son of Noah. Possessing them all the way back to Ashkenaz. The Ashkenazi are all 30th cousins.
      They all think this way: since they have no souls, they have no capacity to LOVE.
      They are born soulless Godless psychopaths, their ideal they wish to aspire to is LUCIFER.
      They want to replace God and be God.
      I will explain the minds of these satanists:
      It was the same as Lucifer. He was PROUD, and felt like a superior being for being so perfect.
      Lucifer wanted God to step down and become his slave.
      He wanted to dominate and control God, making him his slave and be GOD himself.
      That was the moment that this all began. They want to be your Gods, to sadistically destroy you with the powerful evil they are. Their only power is to destroy life.
      They have nothing of God in them.
      The only way you gentiles can do anything good, is when you do it with God, as a unit, united with God doing his will. The devil can never do any good because he can never reunite with God.
      They do not seek love or feel good when they love others or are loved by others as people with souls do.
      Since they are destined to only devolve, in the image of Lucifer: becoming more powerfully evil as they exist in Hell, they feel good only, when they can be more powerfully evil.
      What you think of as love, they see as inferiority and weakness. They see you gentiles who have the capacity to love as someone to use and abuse.
      Their substitute for love is the PRIDE they feel when they can control, dominate and manipulate even torture others they deem more weak and helpless than themselves, less evil than themselves, so yes they feel happiness and Pride when they can control and manipulate, torture dominate over and trick and fool, GENTILES, who they see as “less evil than they are”.
      Or animals, children, the disabled, the old. They exist in a ring of devolution: where the beings in it become more evil over time, more demonic and more capable of unlimited evil. That is what Satanism is: the practice of doing evil that perpetually becomes more and more evil (satanic rituals). To them, (the soulless) that is evolution. That is what Zelensky is doing, and he is getting RICH on it.
      They serve Satan, they must do more and more evil in order to get more wealth and power.
      It is the reverse, the exact opposite of Christianity.
      He purposely is ethnically cleansing Ukraine in War of all gentiles, taking the children for adrenochrome, and harvesting organs from children and soldiers. The entire bio-labs were for Satan to get rich himself.
      ALL SATANISTS and all who reject God, do everything for one thing alone: wealth and POWER.
      There is more, much more that you could find out.
      Right now, all these gentile people who are doing evil, these ” Satanists” are doing what they do of their own free will, they are serving SATAN. The jews must serve Satan, they have no free will, they have no souls and are slaves to their masters: any demonic beings more powerfully evil than they are. They serve SATAN and the demonic fallen angels who live in the soulless bodies of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the royalty which have been intermarried and turned jewish by having jewish women give birth to their children (even also jewish men secretly) with them. Using wars to devastated the wealthy and royal families financially so they had to marry the jewish daughters of rich jews.
      They are the jewish BANKERS and are trillionaires, and they control EVERYTHING all the other stansits on earth through their DEMONS which are each appointed to these jews at birth. The devil expects his followers to give him more evil and worse evil over time, to please him and to devolve into more powerfully evil demons.
      Gentiles are born with souls and are sinless up to the age of 7.
      They have guardian angels appointed to them at birth.
      You have free will and can choose to serve Satan, to love the things that Satan loves, or to serve God and only love the things that God loves they are the antichrist.
      Some people love the things that Satan loves, and they are devolving and they are taking themselves to Hell.
      There are some people on earth, who reject all the things that Satan Loves, and Love only the things that God loves. Those people are taking themselves to Heaven after death, they are evolving higher and are the true Christians.
      You all have only one life on earth, to live and die, each life, to do one or the other.
      BUT this time of your living lifetime to another is coming to an end, the end of this age.
      There will be a separation of the two, those who are followers of Jesus Christ and those who are antichrist.
      Many have already died antichrist and go straight to Hell.
      Only those who, when they died, were of Christ, have been given reincarnation after death, a chance to keep evolving higher, from the original FALL of Adam and Eve.
      The tribulations to come will decide who you all serve, God or the evil one.
      You have all been blinded by MONEY.
      The present changes the past and the future. The devil can time travel.
      But only on this earth up to the time in the future that he has followers who serve him on this earth
      The money system came to ancient Babylon to make a system whereby, Satn could give to the jews who killed Jesus what they would sell their souls for: A money system controlled by the fallen angels under Satan, that could give them their reward. Everything else in this world=its resources and spiritual gifts are given by God to his people.
      The money system was designed to give a small group/the fallen angels who can live in any soulless/jewish body they choose to inhabit. They inhabit only the wealthiest bodies. The rest they make rich at the cost of their souls and use as their servants to take/destroy more souls.
      If you have a money system it will always come to that: a power grab for domination.
      Because if you all loved one another as Jesus loved you, there would be no need to have any money system. You would live the same way you once lived before Satan arrived.
      You would all be one family, in groups of families and tribes that care for one another.
      You would naturally follow the one who showed the most leadership abilities who had the most wisdom to guide you to be one with God. You would not have doctors who give you poisons, and fleece you for your money. You would have a shaman who helped heal you through his or her connection to God.
      You would live free and in peace. You would not kill animals to live.
      You would love animals and all who are more weak and helpless than you would never fear any human.
      Then you would be evolving higher as would the animals also.
      As God created you to do.
      For centuries man lived in peace and harmony and did not destroy the earth with satanic Science and technology. They achieved it without a money system. All were equal.
      None had any more or less than any other; they worked for the good of all the survival and happiness in life for all equally. That way they received blessings from God for their evolution.
      The more evolved you are: the more care and love you give to those more weak and helpless than yourself.
      The more devolved you are the more you torture, torment and cruel and abusive you are while dominating. controlling and enslaving those more weak and helpless than yourself: AKA a money system.
      The system is also called SATANISM.
      All SATANISTS have said that capitalism is SATANISM, all through history because it is.
      The banking system is registered as a religion.
      It is based on adrenochrome, which is the elite’s personal commodity and currency.
      They have used it from the beginning of their time on earth.
      All governments, under the control of the private jewish central bankers are satanic. They want a one world order under the Fallen angels of Hell, who live here among you, hidden away in their private world of adrenochrome. Every nation that refused the central Bankers have been one by one devastated and destroyed by all the recent WARS
      It all ends very soon.
      The final test will be the mark of the beast/digital ID biochip tattoo.
      All those who chose wealth and power will take it and be eliminated from this earth forever.
      Only those who reject it even at the cost of their own lives will continue to the next age, the age of light/TRUTH. There it is HEAVEN.
      Those who lie and kill (covid) and WW3, coming, are serving the devil.
      All this must be. It is the way to separate the sheep from the goats.
      Those who seek wealth and power, from those who would reject it (as Jesus did in the wilderness when tempted by the devil) for God, for life everlasting, for the bread from Heaven and the water of Life: Jesus Christ. It is coming next with the one world jew world order mark of the beast system.
      The final test for the final Judgement is coming.
      Choose God or Money, you can’t serve 2 masters.
      Mammon is the collective Fallen angels of hell who have run the money system from its first inception, by generationally possessing the bodies of jews who lost their souls from the beginning, by killing Jesus Christ.
      The present changes the past and the future:
      What it means: if you become the possession of the devil, he now owns you from the present incarnation back through all past incarnations on earth, and up until you die, in the present without returning to God before you die. And he also owns you in the future for eternity, not on earth but in HELL.
      That is why the jews need to reproduce children on earth, for the bankers to have their jewish minions to control on earth. All jews go directly to Hell after only one lifetime.
      However all the evil satanic baby blood drinking satanist bankers are all jewish and must have their own children: so they will have future bodies to inhabit when their own bodies die.
      Gentiles have children so they can LOVE and sacrifice for them in unison with God, for their decision to do the will of God will bring them everything they need to do that. They are souls that evolve by LOVING their children and all others, even the animals in the circle of evolution. One with God.
      Or would rather choose eternal hell? Because the devil dangles a carrot of all the wealth and power in front of your noses. Let me tell you the truth: if you have more in one lifetime, you will end up with less in your next. It all evens out. God loves us all equally. We all need to do the same. None to have any more or less than any other. WORK for the good of ALL your families as one family. The children of God.
      Reject Satan and his INIQUITY. Moloch Mammon Iniquity is the money system.
      Serve ONE MASTER: Lord Jesus Christ. The way the truth and the LIFE.

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