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We are Moving Into the End Game, Can You See the Light at the End of the Tunnel Yet?

    SonOfEnos – August 1st, 2023

    There are very few moves left in this grand chess match for the world. The battle between good and evil has been raging for a very long time, but if you’re paying attention, you can discern how it’s all playing out.

    If you’re battle weary (as we all are), watch this episode, so you too will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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    1 thought on “We are Moving Into the End Game, Can You See the Light at the End of the Tunnel Yet?”

    1. It is all geoengineering coming from Elon Musk’s satellites. The same place the DEWs causing all the fires are coming from. He is an Illuminati. What is an illuminati? Someone who sold their soul to get to the top, and then became a vessel for one of the fallen angels of Hell who serve Lucifer. In other words: an idiot. Aleister Crowley did the same thing, he sold his soul to the other Illuminati, thinking it would gain him wealth, power and stature in the world. The devil is always a bait and switch con artist. All 33 degree masons sell their souls. Trump is a 33 degree mason. All he got for his soul was demonic possession. Trump is just all about the illuminati controlling both sides in every election. He gave the fallen angels of Hell exactly what they claimed they would give him, POWER, and control and wealth, as they hide behind their freemasons who do their bidding and all their dirty work waiting to rise up the ranks so they can sell their souls when they get to the top. Total morons. They will make a fake WW3 against aliens, claiming the weapons from the satellites are really coming from alien spaceships. They can make holograms now of aliens.
      They can fool the entire world into thinking they must form a One world order to save the world and themselves. The Illuminati are consummate con artists, who have always controlled both sides in every war to make themselves more powerful and God less powerful all through the history of this world. Don’t be fooled. Be wiser than serpents. Igor Kolomoisky, is a top satanist and like all the oligarchs he made his money off supplying adrenchrone the the Illuminati. The Illuminati=Rothschild & all the jewish bankers own Russia China and Israel, and they will bring a false good side to defeat the equally evil bad side who are both the same side, to play savior, false savior. Do not believe in the false saviors. Only Jesus Christ is our Savior. is the proof.

      Most of the earthquakes are happening because of the tunnels underground.
      The lack of water is the diversion of water underground for the illuminati’s use.
      There are tunnels underground also done by Musk, they are used by the illuminati. All of them do their satanic ritual ceremonies and keep their victims mostly children in cages underground.
      Their underground tunnels are what they created secretly instead of going up into space. NASA was a cover for the tunnels. They made gateways down to Hell rather than up to outer space, which is a lie. Heaven is above the earth. Hell is a separate dimension, cast out from Heaven below the earth, and the earth has the choice to either return to Heaven or go down to Hell instead. That is what is really happening here on earth, that choice for each human being to make.

      When you took the jews in and began to worship the antichrist jews you lost God and gave yourselves the gods of the jews Satan the fallen angels and their leader Lucifer. You gave the earth to them,, and they will take everything from you including and especially your souls when they bring about the fake alien war, Armageddon WW3 and the Mark of the beast: the digital ID for the CBDCs of Moloch Mammon worship.

      If you are not intelligent enough to see the comparison between what Hitler achieved in Germany by casting out the jews (a totally Christian nation) and their private illuminati banking systems; and what you all have lost worldwide by welcoming in the jews and giving them total control over your government including the money issuing jewish private banks, thereby giving the jewish masters the jewish gods the Illuminati total control over this world (one antichrist world order, under the total control of the demonic entities called the illuminati who serve Lucifer) then, you deserve what is coming next. It led to the signing of the greada treaty, and the illuminati having their NWO, one world government under their God: Lucifer.
      So that now at the end of this age, instead of eternity in Heaven, you will find eternity in HELL in WW3.

      Question: What is the difference between the jews fake hoax holocaust and what the jews are doing to us today with Covid?
      Answer: The covid genocide is real and more torturous and no one will admit it is true and was planned and is happening. No one will have their nuts crushed at a fake Nuremberg trial to get any confessions. No one has arrested the illuminati. Instead it will soon morph into something even more cruel and sinister: the coming Mark of the beast, and a sham WW3 against fake holographic aliens who are in reality the powers that be: the illuminati, who are not human. It will be the last and final war whereby Satan and his jews win and Lucifer becomes the owner of all the death and destruction that was once our living earth, and it unites with Hell for billions of years of cleansing by fire.

      Those who do not choose God, and reject all the lies of the devil, will be cleansed for billions of years by fire and possibly never have another opportunity to return to God.
      Pray for Gonzalo Lira, only God can help him now. We can do nothing without God. Trump is not God, he is not a savior he is an actor for the illuminati. He is just a master liar. Telling you what you want to hear to lead you astray. Pt your faith and trust in God, only God can save us.

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