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    ThebigawakeningQ – May 13th, 2023


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    1 thought on “Warning Graphic Video: CHILD TRAFFICKING CAUGHT IN BROAD DAYLIGHT..”

    1. The world is now divided between those who are God’s Children and those who serve Satan.
      There are now hundreds of millions of people on earth who serve Satan.
      Because the world’s money system is run by Luciferians, the illuminati, made up of the same intermarried families of Bankers and Royals=those who serve Lucifer, they have created Freemasonry: worship of Satan, underneath them.
      They are the adrenochrome addicts. Adrenochrome and children are their own private monetary currency.
      They trade it among themselves.
      These freemasons are all actors who are in the spotlight.
      They are all given high level positions of power, and wealth.
      However they must do and say and decide and choose ONLY what they are told to by the Illuminati.
      So they are in the public eye and they take the responsibility for carrying out the orders of what is actually called: “The Order”, it is the order of Satan, the new world order of Satan, freemasonry, paid actors who do what the illuminati tell them to do and NEVER use their own minds or make any single choice of their own. They are blamed by the people who object and can be replaced if the people object too much by someone who will pretend to be a “good guy” but end up being even worse. Freemasons are all actors and they never go off script.
      There are already 200 million satanists and freemasons running this world as the UN, WEF, the WHO, the CDC, the Governments, global corporations like Vanguard and Blackrock.
      The Luciferians want the human beings of earth to replace what is of Heaven, and of God with what is of HELL=satanism, and of Lucifer.
      They want to abolish and end all things on earth that are of God= those things that are only acceptable and allowed to occur in Heaven, TRUTH, LOVE, PEACE, mercy, forgiveness, joy and kindness, the strong loving, nurturing and protecting those more weak and helpless and vulnerable. That is evolution higher from a God loving soul.
      They want to replace evolution higher with devolution lower, making humans of earth devolve and degenerate and regress into demons= dead souls that HATE God.
      They want only what is acceptable and allowed in Hell to be done on earth: sexual violence, destruction and depravity, Wars, hate, lies chaos, sadism and cruelty. They want the stronger and more powerful (adults) to abuse, torment and ruin those more weak and helpless than themselves (children). They do it with everything that is ANTICHRIST.
      They are the antichrist.
      The Illuminati took prayer out of schools and turned them into places of bullying and violence and shame and humiliation and ignorance replacing learning. And after school satan clubs.
      That was their plan from up on high.
      They took mothers out of the family and into the workplace, they destroyed marriage.
      The ones at the TOP. They are only bringing out now this economic collapse, followed blackouts man made disasters new bioweapons, the CDBCs and WW3, in order to make so much Chaos that everyone renounce God and Jesus and accept Lucifer and Satan in their place and take the Mark of the beast biochip-Tattoo, for a promised “new better world”.
      They always LIE. It is always a bait and switch. They will take everyone who receives the Mark to eternal Hell minus their souls.
      Stop accepting the devil’s money system now, before it is too late.
      This entire sexualizing of children has one objective: they want you all to sell your children into sexual slavery to them when there is no money and food, another thing, they at the top are now engineering.
      The illuminati who run freemasonry and came first with the worship of Moloch Mammon, the first money system of ancient Babylon run this world, through their private ownership of the banking industry.
      They are your real enemy. They control the entire world and the UN, WEF, WHO, CDC, all governments, and all freemasonry and Satanic cults. They have run every single war and revolution on both sides, all through history for their own gain.
      They own everything because they make the money out of thin air.
      It is a slavery system. There is nothing even remotely like it in Heaven.
      The money system is ANTICHRIST. If you do not understand that truth, then you do not understand Heaven or know Jesus Christ. In the end you will choose God or the illuminati-MONEY. Jesus or the Mark of the beast.
      So far the devil is winning, in the future. He is winning this final battle: Armageddon, that will end with the final test: the mark of the Beast for Lucifer’s MONEY, will be tempting when he destroys everything you all worked to achieve. It will make it difficult to retain your souls, and the possibility of attaining eternal Life, because the devil is weakening you all to submit to his demands. He will not allow free will, he wants total domination and submission to his demonic will.
      If he did not own the money system the devil would have ZERO power on this earth.
      When you accept the Banking money system of the illuminati, you give him POWER and you diminish the power of God over this earth.

      These demonic beings entered the world past and future, when they got the jews to Crucify Jesus Christ.
      They can only live in Ashkenazi bodies, (they sold their souls for wealth and power to satan and killed Jesus to get it) they cannot possess any body that has a soul. they can only use as a vessel those who have destroyed their souls and are already on the path down to hell when they die.
      The Ashkenazi have no free will, they are born with demons from Hell, not guardian angels who control them and they are all here on earth to act as the minions of Satan.
      Once you lose your soul, or in the future you take the mark of the Beast, the devil owns you, for eternity, that means all the way back in time to when you were first created. That is why the evil on earth is increasing so much so quickly. That is why so many already are marked with the mark of the Beast. And others have already been sealed by God on their foreheads and have nothing to fear.
      Everything can change for those who have souls now in the present: The present can change the past and the future.

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