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War Castles: National Secret Currency. (Part 2)


    Robert-Leroy Horton
    U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command explains the inter-workings of our slavery to the Cabal.
    The concepts of
    created by:
    David-Wynn Miller and Russell-Jay Gould.


    3 thoughts on “War Castles: National Secret Currency. (Part 2)”

    1. Loved this! Has Trump acknowledged this yet since this is from January 21? Is the QFS/NASARA/GESARA being implemented the same thing as the quantum you are talking about? Yes, Gould needs highest medal of honor bestowed to him! SOOOOO much going on its hard to keep up! Thanks for this great documentary. I hope I hear what’s going on since it was made.

    2. NESARA / GEEARA is FALSE & Made Up!! No Foundation WhatSoEver backs up this Concept!
      The Earth Is NOT Flat! The Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory is a Psy-OP to “Dumb Down” the Masses!
      Robert L. Horton does NOT Believe in a Flat Earth!

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