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    Virgin Atlantic Just Teamed Up With LGBTQ+ Celebs To Become The World’s ‘Most Inclusive Airline,’ New Policy Encourages MALE PILOTS TO WEAR SKIRTS, Everyone Gets A Pronoun Badge And More..

    Gateway Pundit | By Alicia Powe Published September 28, 2022 at 2:40pm

    Virgin Atlantic modified its gendered clothing requirement uniform policy on Wednesday to permit male staff to wear skirts as its launches a new campaign  become the world’s “most inclusive airline.”

    Pronoun badges will also be offered to the plane crew in customers in addition to allowing staff “wear uniforms that express their true identity.”

    Virgin Atlantic staffers are now given “gender-inclusive” uniform options. The “red option” was previously required uniform for female flight attendants and the “burgundy” option was previously worn by male flight attendants. Now, either option is available for either sex, allowing men to wear skirts and women to wear trousers. Additional options are now available for “non-binary” members of the crew.

    Customers are now permitted to select new “gender-neutral” pronouns including “Mx,” “U” or “X” markers when booking their flights.

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    The airline’s staff will also be provided with pronoun badges to display to passengers the pronouns they prefer to be referred as. The optional badges are also available to customers during check-in.

    Tyreece Nye (pictured) described the uniform changes as giving a voice to everyone in the community: 'This policy allows everyone to have a seat at the table'

    All Virgin Atlantic staffers are also now required to attend “inclusivity” training, the Daily Mail reports.

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