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USA, Inc. – “MARKETS” of Crime

    USA, Inc. – “MARKETS” of Crime 10/04/2014

    WE Are Enslaved by Lack of Knowledge
    USA, Inc – “Markets” of Crime . . .​

    TO ALL: “Lawfully Yours” – a People’s Empowerment Guide to Our Corrupt Corporate-Commercial Illegal System . . .…​

    The Lawfully Yours guide contains material authored by Federal Judge Dale, retired, and strategies compiled by others familiar with the commercial nature of our courts. In it Judge Dale exposes our legal system – that we were never taught about – and reveals ways we can defend ourselves from our current parasitic corporate-government and injustice system. From Judge Dale, retired:

    “The Federal and State Governments are not real. They are privately owned corporations [listed on Dun and Bradstreet] called governments . . . and the law is nothing more than their corporate regulations called statutes.”

    Since the founding of our country, the ‘elite’ (and their robber baron partners) have fabricated our history, taken control of our economy and altered our form of government and legal system. The matrix we find ourselves in is brilliantly exposed in Federal Judge Dale’s The Great American Adventure – Secrets of America. – a Free Download on

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