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URGENT MESSAGE TO ALL CANADIANS: Nationwide Walkout Begins Feb 21st Forward

    SonOfEnos – February 21st, 2022

    It is the Duty of every freedom loving Canadian to peacefully resist the completely compromised and totalitarian government that has taken over our country. This isn’t about vaxxed vs unvaxxed, as most of the people who were coerced into getting the injection feel like they have been duped. We The People must unite together and refuse to go to work until Justin Trudeau resigns or the Liberal Party chooses a new leader who will end the “Emergency Powers” that have been used to inflict such devastation upon our nation.

    If you are an American Trucker, we ask that you to stand in solidarity by refusing to haul anything into Canada.

    We know, and accept, any hardships that might come from our actions because we also know that civil disobedience is an absolute necessity if our children are to grow up in a free society.

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