liabilitymate – February 27th, 2022

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Yesterday Tonia was arrested for failing to obey an unlawful direction at the border (not to enter WA) as she is unvaccinated. She went up against a fraud magistrate (Coram) who unlawfully kidnapped her for 7 days. She’s being transferred to Kalgoorlie prison where she will serve her 7 days before going up against another fraud magistrate (Coram) that has not sworn the proper oath.
Your view does not have to be the same to know and see that this treatment is wrong. We crossed the border Thursday 10th Feb to make Canberra’s Freedom Rally. On our return this is what took place and this is not ok. It’s unjust and it’s a hard watch for me personally. Seeing Tonia ‘resisting arrest’ with her hands on her head and being pushed around kills me. Listening to our daughter in distress kills me. Listening to myself and the shake in my voice kills me. Please share this far and wide. We need to make noise because this mistreatment for not being vaccinated is absolute bullshit!
Tonia was arrested for failing to obey a “lawful direction” at the “border” (not to enter WA) due to being unvaccinated. Watch the distressing scenes here:
Complying with tyrants has a 100% failure rate people, whatever these tyrants say DO THE OPPOSITE…
All State & Federal Governments are unlawful & illegitimate. Stop doing what they say & take them out.
Neither the Federal nor the State Governments are sovereign bodies:
they are legislatures with limited powers, any law which they attempt to pass
in excess of those power is NO LAW AT ALL it is simply a nullity entitled to NO OBEDIENCE…
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Gemma Skelton · 27 February 2022 at 7:36 PM

This is absolutely awful! I cannot believe it is taking so long to dissolve the government!!! Where is the governor general? How can this go on?
Shocking! I will pray for Tonia. 🙏

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