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Ukrainian Woman Tortures Russian Woman Who Lost Brother In SMO – Laughs And Enjoys Her Pain

    December1991 – July 26th, 2023

    1 thought on “Ukrainian Woman Tortures Russian Woman Who Lost Brother In SMO – Laughs And Enjoys Her Pain”

    1. During the coming ‘Warning’, you will find out, if you will become a demon or an angel after this world ends during the coming WW3.
      You will see which one you have chosen to emulate and idealize, as what you aspire to become yourselves, demons, or Angels? This women aspires to become a demon in Hell.
      Like this women, many humans are devolving into demonic beings.
      They feed off of torturing and killing others.
      They are proud of it. They cannot love anyone but themselves.
      They are selfish and self serving. like the devil.
      You on earth since the fall, (Adam and Eve) are cut off from the rest of the universe.
      You fell, meaning you stopped evolution higher and began to devolve lower.
      When you began to kill animals for food.
      The forbidden fruit is the fruit of the womb, or an animal.
      Animals must be allowed to evolve too, just as humans do.
      That requires them to have families and love in their families, not to be slaves to humans or kept in captivity or as meat for humans to eat.
      Then the Gods of devolution appeared under the leadership of Lucifer.
      He is the God of those who devolve.
      His symbol is the pyramid, with him at the top as the most devolved and the rest under him and his control.
      The earth has pyramids everywhere to Mark it as a place that is owned by the fallen angels of Hell and is devolving.
      If you produce and feed off of death energy, the life killing energy of Hell, then you are devolving into demons, rather than evolving higher into angelic beings.
      You choose your own God.
      The God of Love who created you sent His only Son Jesus to allow some to continue to evolve higher and return to the rest of the universe.
      You cannot kill to live.
      Killing animals produces the energy of Hell, not the life-giving energy of Heaven.
      Eventually those who devolve will destroy themselves and spend eternity in Hell, because all the evil they produce returns to them.
      You emit energy, either life-giving or life killing energy.
      You are attracted to the energy you produce. The same energy is attracted to you.
      The Jains are aware, the Hindus that still do not eat meat are aware.
      The Buddhists are aware. All vegans are aware and reject death energy.
      The first Christians never ate meat. For the first 300 years they were vegetarians.
      Now Satan rules as Pope. The end is coming.
      Some will evolve and leave to a higher place.
      Those who prefer the darkness, the death energy of Hate and fear and violence, war and revenge and imposing their will on others, the pyramid master slave relationships.
      Those who think the strong should dominate and control the more weak and helpless as a symbol of their superiority are devolving. Survival of the fittest is the path of devolution.
      Those who love and are peaceful and truthful and seek good in the world and reject all evil and never harm other life, love all other life, and only benefit other life and love God, who is the same, will evolve higher.
      It has always been the choice you have to decide up or down, devolve lower to Hell or evolve higher to heaven.
      You seem to adore the darkness, more than the light.
      It will all end very soon.
      There are no aliens coming to this earth.
      The angels of Jesus Christ or the demonic beings of Lucifer are only the only visitors.
      Everyone else is warned away by the mark of the pyramid.
      It shows that presently while they exist: the devil is the present ruler over the earth.
      Satan is the Prince of this world because so many belong to him, and so few belong to God.
      In China, the model NWO nation, everyone is atheist.
      They imprisoned, tortured and killed all those who believe in God, the creator.
      In China they are all devolving.
      They even torture animals, even dogs before they kill and eat them.
      They do it to get the power that it produces: death energy=the life killing energy of Hell.
      You all do the same in your slaughterhouses as meat eaters.
      You just don’t acknowledge it.
      That is why the people above you in the pyramid do the same to your children.
      They will soon do it to all of you.
      The original Pyramids were torture chambers for the fallen angels, to torture humans in horrible ways back in Atlantis.
      All your technology comes from them. It is all secretly ‘death energy’. It is lethal and toxic to Life.
      You had this one time opportunity to choose Heaven or Hell.
      This earth is very far from heavenly.
      This world is fast becoming a replica of Hell.
      That is all the ‘Global Elite’ are working towards accomplishing no matter what lies they tell you are the reasons for what they do.
      They are master con artists, and they trick you. They will never tell you the real truth, or why they demand you do as they say.
      The real truth is that they want you in Hell for eternity.
      What do you feed off? Life killing energy, or life giving energy?
      During the coming ‘Warning’, you will find out.
      You will see which one you have chosen to emulate and idealize, as what you aspire to become yourselves, demons, or Angels? This women aspires to become a demon in Hell.

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