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UFO MYSTERY: RODS – A Strange UFO Mystery

    UFOTV On Demand – Sep 24, 2011

    Rods, sometimes known as Sky Fish or Solar Entities or “Fulgure” in French, are a rather new entry in the field of cryptozoology. They are said to be creatures which flit about in the air at such a high speed as so not be seen by the naked eye. Rods gain their name from their rodlike shape, though they have also been called “flying rods,” “skyfish,” and “solar entities.”

    What is generally agreed is that these strange objects are organic. In other words, they are living creatures and not just some new form of flying saucer. Some people have suggested that they maybe a form of extraterrestrial lifeform because they are occasionally encountered with UFO activity. Some sceptics would have us believe that what we are seeing is nothing more than birds, insects or camera trickery, but as you can see from the film footage on this page, this does not seem to be a conclusive explanation.

    The Rods were were discovered accidentally and first filmed by Jose Escamilla at Midway, New Mexico on March 19, 1994. José Escamilla has promoted video footage of rods recorded during the filming of BASE jumpers (Brandon Daruna and Andrew Bradberry) at the Cave of Swallows in Mexico.

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