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Trump’s OTHER Covid Exec Order

    The David Knight Show – August 19th, 2022

    He laid out the entire Plan-demic scam MONTHS BEFORE anyone anywhere said anything about it.

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    2 thoughts on “Trump’s OTHER Covid Exec Order”

    1. it is unbelievable how gullible and stupid trumptards are. What moronic imbeciles. the military is not in the heath business – it is in the killing business which is why Trump assigned them the task of murdering its soldiers and the american people.

      November 26, 2010 – The global plan to impoverish the world population and overthrow the world rulers.

      GLOBAL VACCINATION to reduce the world population programmed by the antichrist

      October 3, 2014 – Soon, you will witness the global vaccination, which I told you about in 2010
      November 26, 2010 – Global Plan to impoverish the world population and overthrow world leaders

      June 17, 2012 – Their evil plans also include a new planetary vaccination that will create diseases around the world

      Eduard Albert Meier, November 1947:

      “This plague will be ‘invented’, spread worldwide and claim countless victims – hundreds of thousands and even many millions of human lives in total – when, through the hatred of one American, together with the approval of the Chinese authorities, the foundation stone for the plague is laid in the mid-1970s. This will break out in the new 3rd millennium with many mutations and claim many victims, and it will be the irresponsible and absolutely incompetent of the governments, especially in Europe and America, who will consider and enforce much that is unfair and, moreover, hostile to life, with regard to false and fearful security measures. They will fail completely at the expense of the populations and seek their refuge in measures by issuing vaccination cards, thus forcing the unwilling of the anti-vaccination movement to give up their free will and at the same time encouraging criminality. They will try to force the anti-vaccinationists into measures that will label them as second-class people and discriminate against them in an unlawful way that violates fundamental rights. Governments will induce vaccination with insufficiently tested vaccines as a way of masking their defining incompetence and fear.“ Israel’s covenant with Pfizer.
      It is obvious one people who deny Christ, the antichrist people, want all gentiles dead.
      Except for the gentile children. They have worse plans for them.

      Check out this video, on project POGO and ZYPHR
      at 29:51, see the note that says this: Black 985IGY
      595,000 sq ft. in 4 levels (childern) age 2-12 Prisoners

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