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This is the water in Mississippi, USA.

    sd631 – May 23rd, 2023

    100 billion for Ukraine, nothing for Americans, send more money to Ukraine, they need it!

    2 thoughts on “This is the water in Mississippi, USA.”

    1. None of those billions to Ukraine is going to the Ukrainian people either.
      The Satanists that run the world and America, the Bankers are raiding the treasury to intentionally bankrupt America.
      They will depopulate the planet by poisoning the air, water and food.
      Radioactivity and the bioweapons will kill many.
      WW3 will be a whole earth satanic ritual to consecrate Earth to Lucifer.
      They will use technology to turn humans into robot slaves.
      By mining the earth with these slaves, for minerals that will effectively kill this planet.
      All because you allowed the fallen angels/Nephilim, from Hell to take buy up the entire earth.
      They are the MONEY SYSTEM=Banking, and they used that system to enslave you and take all the earth from you, the gentiles that God created this earth for, to SHARE EQUALLY.
      If you can’t do that, the way people all over the earth once lived, in communities of families in Peace, using the resources supplies by the earth to survive. That is the real MONEY, the true value of your ownership of the earth is the resources it supplies you.
      You allowed these demonic beings the bankers from Hell to convince you Money has Value.
      It only has value to them to control supply and demand to keep you POOR and with NOTHING you really need. You are slaves to them. You do the work so they can get all the money and give you money which buys you nothing of what the earth gives you from GOD.
      They poison you with their goods and services and rob you blind with the cost of living.
      The earth is now in the hands of the evil demonic beings of Hell.
      Just refuse the money system and take back your earth, live in peace and share with one another.
      If you really loved each other as Jesus loved you, you would do that.

    2. God is waiting for the people to rise up and take their world back from the satanists, the Royals and those who run all banking and finance and all billionaires and Trillionaires.
      Take back from these devil what belongs to this earth: your earth’s resources, that have true real value.
      The money has no value except to make those who make it out of thin air Rich enough to enslave you all forever.
      Don’t allow the money system to be legal, reject it and destroy it before it destroys your immortal souls.
      Do it before the mark of the beast comes. The mark that will make you all belong to those devils from HELL.
      Just say no to their money system. Reject it and make your earth and its resources yours to all share equally.
      Make it the NEW law under Jesus Christ to have EQUALITY, all sharing and working for all of you to be provided for, equally. None having any more or less than anyone else.
      That is how the first Christian lived, they were also all Vegetarians, for the first 300 years.
      You don’t need to Kill to live.
      The people with the highest IQ’s on the planet, are the Hindu Brahmins.
      They are vegetarians. The Jains also they are vegetarians and very intelligent and healthy people.
      The Satanists are running the money system, they always have run it from the beginning.
      Money is EVIL and it will take you from GOD forever if you allow it to continue to exist.
      There is no freedom or equality, for anyone under the money system.
      True equality is economic equality.
      All humans have basic needs, all societies should be like a family, providing for one another, and not in Business to selfishly attain superior wealth power and status over others.
      ALL people need to provide each other with all their needs EQUALLY.
      That is how you lived in peace as children of God, before the fall: when the devils of Hell: collectively known as: Moloch Mammon first arrived.
      Those devils used money to take you from God.
      To make you devolve into their evil image and likeness in place of God.
      There is no money system in Heaven. It is an abomination against God.
      If you don’t remove it this world will end, all life on earth will end with FIRE this time.

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