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This Is GAME CHANGER For Crypto | Mark Yusko Bitcoin

    Let’s Talk Crypto – Apr 16, 2023

    This Is GAME CHANGER For Crypto | Mark Yusko Bitcoin

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    In this video, Mark Yusko discussed what will drive the next phase of Bitcoin adoption, which is already evident when we look at adoption curves and the acceleration of money.

    Yusko believes that the greatest value of Bitcoin lies in its network, similar to Apple or Amazon, but argues that it is superior because of its decentralized nature, which prevents it from being stopped, seized, or controlled by any entity or government.

    He also stated that Bitcoin will eventually replace gold as the base layer of money, since it is more portable and divisible, thus making it more attractive to younger generations.

    In fact, Yusko believes Bitcoin to be part of the biggest transfer of wealth in human history, even though everyone initially dismissed it as a fad;  this is what creates the biggest investment opportunities.

    Let’s listen to Mark Yusko as he makes the case for what it will take for the next level of Bitcoin adoption: will it be fear, or something else?

    Mark Yusko is an investor, hedge fund manager, and Bitcoin supporter from the United States, Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Creek Capital Management. He is also the Managing Partner of Morgan Creek Digital Assets.

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