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This is a really profound message, think deeply about it.

Free Your Mind – March 3rd, 2023

Taken from Telegram

I will elaborate on the next broadcast about its message.


3 thoughts on “This is a really profound message, think deeply about it.”

  1. When the world wide earthquake happens, then the earth will flip like a pancake, upside down.
    I believe it will happen in May 2023.
    Every volcano on earth will also erupt at one time.
    There will be a world wide windstorm.
    It is being caused by all the evil and selfishness and destruction of souls on earth.
    The earth faces up towards heaven now,
    but it is going to flip down facing Hell below, when evil reaches its peak.
    When the false Maitreya, comes and all those who are LIARS, will believe he is the one.
    He will force his believers to take his microchip implants.
    Only the people who are not evil, those who do not LIE,
    the people of TRUTH, will rise up
    and reach the new earth that God will create on the other side that faces Heaven.
    God is not just LOVE, God is TRUTH.
    The new age to come is Satya Yuga, It means ‘TRUTH Yuga’.
    All the liars who by Karma then also: ‘believe lies’, will not get there, they will fall down to Hell.
    The people of TRUTH, LOVE and PEACE, the unselfish people of God will rise up when the earth Flips and God will be there to assist them to rise and to greet them.
    The earth will soon be cleansed of all evil.
    In India, the final pillar will collapse,
    in Sri Lanka, the stone will fall.
    In America Joe Biden will Fall.
    This is different.
    This is the end of an age.
    There will be a whole new earth and new bodies, because everyone will die, physically.
    Our immortal souls will rise, up to the new heavenly purified earth,
    where all evil has been removed:
    Those who destroyed their souls and made this earth a hell on earth, (the atheists, satanists, elite and freemasons) will fall down to Hell.

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