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The Vilification Of Ivermectin

    Bowne Report – Aug 31, 2021

    Ivermectin, is an early treatment drug with a high rate of effectiveness in studies against Covid-19. According to

    “Meta analysis using the most serious outcome reported shows 72% and 86% improvement for early treatment and prophylaxis, with similar results after exclusion based sensitivity analysis and restriction to peer-reviewed studies or Randomized Controlled Trials.

    •Statistically significant improvements are seen formortality, hospitalization, recovery, cases, and viral clearance. 27 studies show statistically significant improvements in isolation. The probability that an ineffective treatment generated results as positive as the 63 studies is estimated to be 1 in 1 trillion.”

    Like many drugs Ivermectin comes in doses for human and animal consumption. But according to the FRONT LINE COVID-19 CRITICAL CARE ALLIANCE for prevention and Early treatment, the amount of Ivermectin taken is a tiny amount.

    But as the vaccine industry stands to make billions more from a booster regime for the Covid boogeyman that has a recovery rate on average of 99%. And a media industry that feeds off the pharmaceutical industry with countless hours of advertising. The propaganda against Ivermectin has become unrelenting.

    Of course far from the slime permeated from television are doctors rather than failed late night talk show hosts presenting studies backed up by the threat of malpractice.

    From the perspective of the psychotic elite planners. The Great Reset war on humanity using the COVID-19 gain of function bio weapon to slowly reduce population must not be derailed. And all early treatment must be vilified.

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