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The Sequel to The Fall of The Cabal – Part 27: The World Economic Forum – The End of Homo Sapiens

    FallCabal – June 27th, 2023

    By Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter
    Music: Alexander Nakarada, Guilherme Bernardes, Myuu, Beethoven, Savfk, Scott Buckley

    Time to meet the WEF, the biggest and most dangerous political NGO in the world. See how they infiltrated every aspect of society, putting their puppets in high places, brainwashing them with their training programs, and making sure the WEF’s wicked goals be implemented on a global scale. Their goals? The same as always: world dominance, a New World Order, depopulation of the masses, and the utter submission of the remaining useless eaters.
    Can we prove this? Of course we can, and we do so in this episode. Watch how the spokesmen of the WEF, Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari, confirm in their very own words the horror picture that we present to you just before we let them talk. Had we not let them say it, you would’ve never believed us. Do you want to know what kind of future they have in mind for us, in the very short term? Then watch this episode!

    Part 28 is in the making and will be uploaded as soon as it’s ready.
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