The Marshall Report – April 7, 2021

Remember, it’s always been about the children! Child and human trafficking is real! The ones who partake in this are the ones who usurped our government and the ones behind the COVID plandemic, and the ones who desire to rule the world and depopulate humanity. This is an evil force it is not of any God. This is the enemy we are fighting. Know this, it has been doing evil from the days in the Garden of Eden, and before that in the Heavens. It will not stop because we vote in new people…. it will not stop because we know they do it. It will stop when we see it, expose it, and pray to God to stop it with all of our heart and soul. When the people in the world but not of the world all stand up and cry out for it to stop!

As long as there are people who deny kids in containers being shipped and body harvesting as non existing… it will continue to thrive and those people will struggle with their own God on the matter one day. Not me. Each one has their own cross to bear in the battle and many have carried theirs to the point of death for knowing and telling too much. Others for simply knowing and might talk. It is evil beyond comprehension to do to a child what has been done and still taking place. Human Trafficking Statistics: Global & State-by-State Data [REPORT] (
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President Trump permanently funded Child and Human Trafficking projects before he left the White House. He has been working on ending this from day one!

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According to the U.S. Department of Justice, roughly 24.9 million people are trafficked around the world. Of those, about 2.5 million are within the United States.

Youth are often the target of traffickers. The average age of a minor who is trafficked is 11-13 years old, the DOJ reports.

And these are just the statistics. Real numbers may be much higher.


Maps and Statistics - Human Trafficking
U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline Statistics | Polaris
Child and Sex trafficking hot spots in the USA.




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