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The Plandemic is OVER !

    By Levi Parsons For Daily Mail Australia

    Published: 11:40 AEST, 20 April 2022 | Updated: 12:50 AEST, 20 April 2022

    Last major Covid rules are officially SCRAPPED in NSW and Victoria with household close contact rules abolished – but Kerry Chant orders families to wear masks at HOME if a loved one is sick

    • Victoria to ditch controversial vaccine mandate for pubs, cafes and restaurants 
    • Unvaccinated patrons to be allowed back in hospitality venues within a month
    • Household contacts of Covid cases will no longer need to isolate for seven days
    • NSW and Victoria are expected to scrap the dreaded rule within days 
    • NSW minister Brad Hazzard and Victoria Premier Dan Andrews hinted at change
    • Scrapped rule expected to address mass labour shortages across Australia 

    Australia’s two biggest states have officially confirmed they will scrap close-contact isolation requirements for household contacts with Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying: ‘The pandemic has passed.’ 

    NSW and Victoria are both abolishing the seven day isolation rule from Friday at 6pm, however close contacts in each state will have to abide by a series of new rules.  

    In NSW, top doctor Kerry Chant said close contacts will be instructed to undertake a rapid antigen test and wear a face mask in indoor settings. Meanwhile, in Victoria close contacts will likewise be required to wear a mask indoors and take five rapid antigen tests a week. 

    Victoria has also announced a seismic series of further changes with Dan Andrews’ government scrapping masks in schools and retail premises and is allowing unvaccinated patrons to return to cafes, pubs and restaurants.  

    Another major change brought in by the federal government this week means international arrivals no longer need to get tested prior to departure, making it much easier for returning travellers and tourists to enter the country. 

    In the coming weeks, the remainder of the country’s states and territories are also expected to ease their remaining restrictions.   

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    1 thought on “The Plandemic is OVER !”

    1. Clear to me MOST COUNTRIES are S-itholes, this has been made very clear over the past 2 YEARS. (there are exceptions such as Mexico) I or my family have NO DESIRE to frequent MOST other countries ever again in our lifetimes. ESPECIALLY AUSTRALIA. in fact we will probably NEVER enter a AIRPORT, or board a AIRCRAFT again Either. (prior to this MAN MANUFACTURED PLANDEMIC we toured other countries twice a year for decades). Simply cannot comprehend why other human beings still continue to frequent other countries today. still each to their own. clearly, many remain Brainwashed by the Deviants governing the planet. poor Souls.

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