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The Path of Helios

    JTolan Media1 – May 1st, 2023

    Using a solar power meter we map the path of the sun upon the earth. edit1: somebody pointed out the last map graphic shows the wrong path of the sun for January, (south of South Africa) and that’s a mistake on my part, I showed this general graphic in the begining of the video and it was not drawn to scale, and in a hurry I reused it and forgot to adjust the path. I make mistakes, sorry and good catch.

    1 thought on “The Path of Helios”

    1. The sun gives off life force energy=life giving energy.
      So do those who are with God. It was that Energy that caused believers to be healed by Jesus, in the bible and also today, as in the Christian Science religion.

      Below the earth exist a giant and growing Black Sun as evil dead souls accumulate in Hell, over time, it grows bigger. It is life killing energy. It is cold as ice, but has a burning fire too.
      It is the energy of Hell and those who do not believe in God, but have Lucifer and Satan as their ideal, which the aspire to devolve into.
      It is the Energy of all the science and technology we have that comes from the devil, after the greada Treaty was made. As described by Bill Cooper and also at

      It is getting so big and the earth is falling down so fast (down to Hell) because of so many living people who are of that dark and evil energy, that soon during WW3, it will appear in the sky.
      Also, the Illuminati=the aliens who made the greada treaty=the bankers/Royals/Finace Luciferians who are the original Fallen angels of Hell, shot something (radiation) into the core of the sun.
      The sun will die soon, it will rain fire down on this earth as it dies.
      The black sun will hit and block out the sun completely, for 3 days.
      In 3 days the Sun will resurrect just as Jesus and Hitler did.
      But during those 3 days of darkness, all the demons of Hell will roam the earth and take all those who do not believe, adore, hope and love God.
      The earth will be cleaned of all the jews and fallen angels and all those who served them while on earth during those days. You will see it coming rising closer to the earth.

      It could have been different, you could have cast out the jews and been followers of Hitler who was Jesus come again to save you. You could have gone up to Heaven above the earth.

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      [John 8:44]

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