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The Man Who Fought The Bank: The Forbidden Economy – September 20th, 2021

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    Gottfried’s Feder Economic System represents The Banks Greatest Fear.

    The book Worldwide Defeat, by Salvador Borrego, explains in detail this economic system, in addition to revealing the true causes of the Second World War.

    Money is debt. In order for money to be created, the government has to borrow it from the banking system, which creates it out of thin air and attaches interest to it. Governments raise taxes only to cover interest payments, but never pay off debts. Obviously, this system is a Ponzi scam. It is perverse, monstrous, and corrupt by nature.

    For Thomas Edison: “Interest is an invention of Satan.” The banking system works similarly to how Cronos devours his children, creating extensive credit networks and devouring them with interest, acquiring more and more power. Through usury, the Jewish International Finance acts like a vampire, feeding on the blood of the peoples and strangling all nations.

    The aim of the World Government of the Synarchy is the eternal slavery of humanity through the creation of a globalized neo-feudal system. The banking system, through debt, chains us to servitude, through taxes, robs us more than half of our money and through inflation, deprives us of the value of our acquired wealth. Henry Ford refers; “It is known that people do not understand our banking and monetary system; otherwise, I think that a revolution would start before tomorrow morning.”

    Plato, Aristotle, and Cicero condemned the charging of interest: any way of making money with money is immoral and perverse, since it establishes the parasitic life of a few at the expense of the majority. The Medici family was a pioneer in establishing the controversial interest in capital. Through the double-entry accounting system, they created wealth out of thin air by lending the same money. HitIer said: “If I lend you a wardrobe, you do not give me a wardrobe and a half, but the wardrobe; but if a bank lends you one hundred marks, you must return one hundred and fifty to two hundred, and of these fifty, or one hundred, the usurer lives without working.

    According to Gottfried Feder, “the breaking of the bondage of money interest means the salvation of man from enslavement.” To free ourselves from the shackles of international financial tyranny, Feder proposes that state loans be declared as currency of nominal value or converted into book assets. The interest tax is replaced by the repayment obligation. All taxes to pay interest on debts are eliminated.

    According to Gottfried Feder: “The general good must be the supreme law.” In the National Socialist economy, the first was the people, and capital exists only as a means to obtain the good of the people. There is no inflation, there is no deflation, there is no need for the government to go into debt or collect taxes. The central bank is no longer private to be at the service of society, capital is sustained according to work generated, and public spending is issued in proportion to production.

    The position of National Socialism is symbolized in its fundamental affirmation: emancipation from the servitude of interest. National Socialism is the only system, in all history, that abolished the money interest, under pain of death. The German Reichsbank, unlike the Federal Reserve, created interest-free money to pay for work performed. If the state wants to create credit (money), before it had to create wealth. The currency was backed by productive labor and the nation’s real wealth, not debt.

    Both capitalism and communism, inventions of Freemasonry, are systems based on the exploitation of others for personal gain. Socialism, the invention of Thule society, is the opposite, it is based on self-sacrifice for the general good, enhancing an honorable and heroic attitude. The worker became a soldier and a warrior, and instead of concentrating that fighting force to fight between social classes, as in Marxism, he concentrated to fight in unity for a national project.

    National Socialism was a paradise and, therefore, because it was, it represented a serious danger to usucracy, which led to the Second World War against Germany. The triumph of a state that could increase its production without gold and shed its international credit networks posed a grave danger to international Jewish usury. Furthermore, Nazi international trade was governed by barter, which ruined all Jewish speculative influence based on freight, credit, and insurance.

    The German economic miracle represents the living proof that the international banking system is obsolete, parasitic and enslaving. Therefore it has no reason of existence. Tons of lies and infamies have tried in vain to cover the Nazi economic system. But they won’t make it, because we’re still remembering it! And when we leave, more and more battalions will one day come to recover it, and to destroy infamy, to finally win!

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