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The Luciferian AshkeNAZI Jewish Genocide Of The White Race EXPOSED

    SonOfEnos Published November 13, 2022

    This is a clip from a previous report I did, however I’m uploading it as a stand alone, so it can be shared on Social Media

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    I’m working on a new video and hopefully will have it completed and uploaded very soon. God Bless

    2 thoughts on “The Luciferian AshkeNAZI Jewish Genocide Of The White Race EXPOSED”

    1. Wrong. It’s not Lucifer or Enki who is against he white race. It is ENLIL and his middle eastern Jews (including his white passing ones) who are against the white race. It’s to blot Enki’s bloodlines off the planet. The enlightener and teacher of mankind was Enki / Lucifer. Enlil wants the world to blame and hate Enki. They want you to think you’re following a good agenda by being Judaeo CHRISTian. (Sorry to all the white identity Christians, but ALL Christianity is JUDAEO at the end of the day so stop fooling yourselves), Christ is a sheist, a madeup word (and an archetype for the SUN CYCLES) and this ideology leads to the mental spiritual and inevitable physical enslavement of all the gentiles. Judaeo Christianity is the white mans downfall. It caused Rome to Fall as the Talmudic Jews (Who were AGAINST MARDUK and ENKI) caused Babylon to fall, Jews caused Germany to fall into the nasty Weimar Republic and now the Jews (who hate Muslims and Christians but like to control them with Abrahamic religions) are engineering the fall of Europe and the US as their next target. To be Satanic is literally to be adversarial to Judaism, Islam and Christianity. To be against the filthy pedophelic Abrahamic religions (psy-ops) of the world. Please wake up, he mainstream belief in Lucifer as the bad guy is what “THEY” want you to continue to believe and the narrative they want you to continue to push. ENKI IS THE FATHER OF THE WHITE RACE! true Jews by race are a mongrel admixture of Asians and African blacks.Hitler knew this. He also woke up to the truth of the (un)Holy Gheist Christ Sheist thanks to Heinrich Himmler. Nobody was more evil than Communist Jew Stalin. Research how Christianity leads to mass miscegenation of the white race and inevitable COMMUNE-ism.

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