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The Jewish Monsters Who Run Ukraine

    WARNING: Graphic Content – March 4th, 2022

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    3 thoughts on “The Jewish Monsters Who Run Ukraine”

    1. I pity the jews, they have only one future after they die: eternal Hell, and so do their children. They are cursed for what they did, and what they do for Satan: they attempt to destroy Jesus Christ, they attempt to destroy His Church and they attempt to replace him with themselves soulless servants who worship and obey Satan as their God as the entire world’s messiah.
      I pity them, they have no love, no peace, no truth, no joy, no truth, from God, and will never have any connection or relationship with God, to ever have those gifts from God.
      They only understand Love as Pity, they confuse love with pity because they have no love in them, because they have no souls. They seek pity all the time and play victims and martyrs but they are never the victim, they are victimizers from Hell. Their evil comes from their egos.
      The jews believe that might is right, that the more powerfully evil you can be to those more weak and helpless than yourself, the more superior you are.
      So there is no limit to the evil that the jews are capable of doing.
      The opposite of course is the truth, the jews can only and do only, devolve, into more inferior demonic beings.
      The jews can never have souls and evolve again since they killed Jesus. Just as the fallen angels can never return to being beautiful angels, and are now demonic entities, hideous, ugly and reptilian. It gives them happiness and satisfaction only to see the horror they do to the gentiles. They have only one ability: to destroy life, they cannot create anything good, or do anything that is good. Theycannot tell the truth, they destroy the truth only with constant lies.
      In contrast, God being all powerful loves all his creations.
      A gentile mother loves her baby which is born completely weak and helpless.
      The gentile babies need the mother to put the baby’s needs first, above her own needs.
      Jewish mothers have no souls and cannot love their children, they only use them and control them, for their own selfish needs. They want their children to be only what the mother choses they become. If they do not, she will use cruelty and/or neglect until they obey her.
      Jews do not believe in allowing anyone free will. They seek to dominate and control others.
      Even by forcing them to pity the jews, when they need to.
      Jews have boundless ego from their father Satan, in place of souls.
      They are proud of the evil they do, it makes them feel superior.
      Devolution lower is evolution higher in the pathetic mind of the jews.
      They want to brag about the evil they do, like Bill Gates does.
      The gentiles who have souls, evolve, as their ability to love increases, as their empathy and compassion increase, they evolve higher.
      Jesus showed us that when he died on the cross for us out of LOVE for us.
      When they had Jesus arrested and called for his crucifixion, they cut themselves and all their future children off from God from the very moment they were first created back in time.
      They only have the qualities that Lucifer and Satan have. They are only able to feed themselves with the energy of Hell to exist. They are not like us. We need the life giving energy of God to continue to exist. We with souls cannot exist or live or thrive without what God gives us. The energy of heaven which we all strive through our souls to attain.
      They need to feed off horror, terror, cruelty, abuse, torture, killing, and destroying life, which is the energy of Hell, they are of Hell. Everywhere the jews exist, they are a poison to life, they emit negative dark life-killing energy. The energy of Hell.
      The jews are of Hell and they are the creations of Satan, his children, their wicked and vile spirits are from Hell, they are born possessed and controlled by DEMONS at birth.
      They continue in life to become even more possessed by worse and more demons throughout their lives.
      Their science and technology is all POISONOUS to life and goes against what God created perfect for us.
      They are destroyers, killers and haters and they know only fear: the lizard brain.
      Why? Because the jews devolve over their lives, and devolved the moment they killed Jesus into the children of Satan. They made a bargain with Satan when they killed Jesus.
      Each moment in time, every one of us gentiles who unlike the jews have souls, can change the past and the future. Will change the past and the future, as to your choice to choose good or evil at that very moment.
      Those who accept and embrace the jews at that very moment they do: have ruined their past and future and begin to devolve themselves, and become more evil, at that moment altering their future, and destroying their true path to heaven.
      When the jews who once had souls Killed and sought to replace Jesus with themselves, they became from the beginning of their existence, the spawn of Satan with Eve.
      The jews can have children, only to continue to serve their master Satan, but they have no love in their families. They do not love or nurture their children, they teach them how to be evil and completely Antichrist. They teach them to Hate God and all gentiles and serve Satan and how to get the energy of death, dark life killing energy via Satanism.
      Just like Lucifer, who is the jewish ideal, they all aspire to become (devolution) they seek to put on a fake persona of goodness, to fool people, swindle and trick and defraud people out of Money.
      They use money for Jewish power against the gentiles.
      If not for the jews, we would see the resources of earth as belonging to all of us equally given by God, for our survival. We would see each other as brothers and sisters and be one family of families.
      They use the money system to parasitically feed off the gentiles and destroy the oneness and family of Man. They use it so the gentiles will do all the work and they will profit all the money without working themselves. It is a slavery system.
      With the advent of digital currency, and trans-humanism and DNA changes through injections and implants it will become a physical slavery of all gentiles. It will mean the real currency, the currency God provides for his children: the resources of this earth will be taken permanently and owned only by the jews.
      They do not reincarnate on earth anymore, they get one life only, and go straight to Hell.
      If you do not believe in reincarnation you are not evolving higher.
      Reincarnation only ends when you become like the jews and go to Hell when you die, and become a demon owned by the fallen angels who made Hell.
      Reincarnation exists only for those with souls.
      Jews do not believe in God, they do not believe in reincarnation because it does not exist for them.
      They believe there is no God and you only live once and die, because for them that is true.
      Their lives here on earth are an orientation period for what comes next after death: HELL, where everything is what is practiced in their true religion: Satanism=the recreation of what happens in Hell here on earth. War which comes from the jews is the practice of Satanism.
      They make wars and push everything satanic and from Hell on the gentiles to make gentiles lose their souls and end up in Hell with the jews. In Hell, the children of Satan, the jews, dominate and control and torture the gentiles who end up there. They are a class above the gentiles who end up in Hell. Hell and satanism is a pyramid system where the most evil rule at the top.
      For gentiles with souls, who were created by God out of His LOVE, from the beginning, we seek to end up in Heaven with God, to continue life. We seek to become more like our Ideal which is Jesus, and the Holy family, to get there. That is why He was born as a man, to give us the holy family and an ideal to strive for.
      That is why the jews seek to and have destroyed the family.
      That is why the jews seek to separate, divide the oneness and conquer the gentiles that way with War.
      In heaven they love animals and have a oneness with animals as we all reincarnate together.
      You all on earth began to devolve when you began to eat animals, and each other in wars.
      The tree of life is the life-force energy giving tree from Heaven, whereby you do not have to eat it, you just go near it to feed on its energy.
      The forbidden fruit is when you kill and eat animals. That is when you became separated from God.
      Reincarnation began, it is for continuing to evolve higher towards God and his love and Heaven.
      In heaven there is no reincarnation, like on earth it is different, you become perfect in heaven.
      Once you go lower, to a point like the jews and cannot evolve higher, and stop your connection to God, and begin to feast off of the death energy, of hell instead, (become a satanist) it is over, you are cut off from God forever,
      Satan provides the resources for the death energy for humans in Satanism: He began it with Moloch Mammon worship: the money system of ancient Babylon, and continues it with freemasonry and he runs it from the top where the money/currency is made and they are the Illuminati. They are the top jews possessed by the fallen angels of Hell.
      The adrenochrome ritual is what War gives them and always has given them: Children, homeless, displaced and unaccounted for orphaned children under the age of 7. Children no one will look for.
      It has always been their primary source of adrenochrome. War is when the most gentiles go to Hell.
      China has already become a satanic nation. The most atheistic nation on earth. It is the model nation of the jews of the NWO/the global ‘elite’.
      Hilter did not seek to kill any jews. What they say about Hitler is all lies.
      He meant to stop them from reproducing, so you could all get to heaven.
      It is what should be done, when a group of soulless demonic enemies of God and your souls is a threat to your continued evolution higher.
      You separate the males from females and allow them to die out.
      But that is what the jews plan to do to all of you now. They plan to grow their own babies in artificial wombs. To make you all into demons, to bring Hell to the entire earth and make you all like them: jews.
      Hitler sought to make everyone like himself: He was Jesus Christ.
      So you would continue to evolve and get to heaven.
      Those who believe the lies about Hitler and Hate him are all on their way to Hell.
      Those who do to animals what the jews do to your children are all on their way to Hell.
      There is no death. There is only a final destination for your consciousness, your spirits, heaven or Hell.
      You each choose that final destination by either devolving and following the path there the jews want you to take, or not.
      Those who believe the lies about Hitler, or Jesus from the jews, have any affection or support in any way the jews, or also take part in their satanic practices, will go with them to eternal Hell.
      Those who accept their mark of the beast implants and tattoos and injections will all go to Hell with them and be demons, cut off from God and all that is life-energy, and will feed off death, the life killing evil dark Antichrist, Satanic energy of Hell for eternity.
      That is the energy of jews, of hell of Lucifer and his fallen angels of the pyramid of evil, their symbol, the symbol on the money they print, the symbol of the mark of the beast.
      In China they are now true satanists. They torture the animals even dogs before they eat them, to get the dark energy: adrenochrome, of Hell.
      The first step in becoming a satanist iss to Kill torture and kill and eat animals.
      The next step is to become cannibals.
      The Chinese will eventually become cannibals in Hell.
      The Illuminati are all cannibals.
      They eat human gentile flesh.
      The worst thing you can do is kill God. The jews are most proud of having done that and are proud to tell us, that they would do it again, because they did that, they killed Jesus, the Ashkenazi jews are the minions and the children of Satan with his reptilian DNA from the beginning, they have no knowledge of God or his love, from the beginning, and never will.
      Once someone loses their souls, they become the slaves of Satan in Hell from the beginning, under the control of the jews who die and go directly to Hell.
      Is that what you want?
      When alternatively, you have the choice of eternal life in Heaven?
      You gentiles have a choice, the jews made their bad choice long ago, they can never take it back. Psychopaths are those who have no souls.
      If you are born of a mother with a soul: a gentile, your mother’s prayers to God alone, can save you from eternal Hell, no matter what evil you have done.
      That is why the Illuminati will often kill their follower’s mothers.
      You can spend your life believing the lies of the devil jews and end up in eternal hell under their total sadistic control, for eternity. Nothing could be worse than that.
      Or you could free yourself from their control now.
      You need to reject the entire jewish private bank money system and create your own gentile oneness as the true owners of the earth, as God;s children and send away those who have used their money system to steal what God created for you with it. Before it is too late. Before they inject and implant what will take from you your souls: the mark of the beast, they have already prepared.
      Take back your God given earth. DENY that the jew’s money has any value.
      The banking system is privately owned by jews of the Illuminati, only value is the jews to enslave you if you believe it has value.
      Do not fall again like Adam and Eve did believing the lies of the jews.
      Seek the truth and be set free.
      This is your final opportunity, given out of love to you, from God, who came as man, Jesus Christ.
      He is the way the truth and the life.
      The miracle will come to the earth, soon it is like the tree of life, it will give the life giving energy of heaven to you to feed you without eating it, like Jesus gave when He was here, and he raised the dead and healed the sick, the blind and the lepers.
      Wait and see what will happen, God will not abandon you, His children the gentiles.
      Do not abandon Him for the demonic evil jews who are the spawn of Satan, and wish only to put you all in Hell under their complete control and enslave you as a source of life killing energy, the energy of torture and sadism which they rapaciously need to feed off of to exist, as the soulless psychopaths=demonic beings they truly are and have always been since they killed Jesus Christ out Lord.
      Since they gave themselves to Satan, and called out: Matthew 27:25 says, ‘His blood be on us and on our children.’ The Jews cursed themselves and their offspring for eternity, they seek to do the same to all of you, to replace Jesus Christ who is all good with themselves, who are all evil for eternity in Hell.
      That is what the final Mark of the beast is about.
      They will soon have to leave this earth forever. Because they have done things with their science and technology that will soon end all life on earth
      Understand this truth: just as we gentiles all seek to leave this world and get to heaven forever, because it is not heavenly here, also is the same way, the jews seek to get to Hell for eternity, because it is not Hell enough for them here.
      We seek to make the world more heavenly.
      They seek to make this world more like Hell.
      We were created from God’s LOVE from the beginning.
      The jews were created from Satan’s evil, Pride, jealousy, Hate, Sadism and lizard-brained fear, from the very beginning, once they made a bargain with Satan, and sought to Kill Jesus for Satan, and replace Jesus with themselves.
      The jews have accomplished that again and become God to all the people who Hate Hitler and love the jews.
      Your eternal souls are all in peril by your belief in the lies of the jews.
      They LIE about everything and whatever they say, the exact opposite is the truth.
      They Hate you are incapable of LOVE, goodness, or anything of God.
      They are only 100% capable of their evil things of their father the devil:
      You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.
      [John 8:44]

      The reason that they push abortion and want to depopulate is this: the new gentile babies for the first 7 years are all good love God energy.
      The people they kill who are of God and do God’s will are of the energy of love and light.
      The more you love God and believe in God and do his will, the more of the energy of Heaven you bring to this earth.

      They want only people, who have had God taken from them and obey the will of Satan, the jewish communist system, who obey Satan and do his evil will, using money, prominent position, status and social credit to make them bring all the evil energy of Hell to this earth.
      They want you to eat meat, that is why they tell you to eat bugs, the slaughterhouses and captive conditions in the places they raise animals for meat bring the death energy of Hell to the earth.

      As the people who have life energy leave and go up to heaven, and at the same time, the bad evil people who follow the path to Hell of the jews and emulate them and aspire to be like them increase, then, the earth holds more and more of the evil energy. That is why the first people they kill are the people who are with God, the Muslims, the christians and the children and the clergy of those religions of God are tortured and killed first in every war. As is being done in Nicaragua and Ukraine now that they are controlled by jews.

      The earth lies in between Hell and Heaven. As earth becomes more evil the earth is lowered down to the level of evil energy down to Hell, the more evil it becomes the closer it comes and shares the evil energy coming from below where Hell is. That is why everything is hot and dying and there is drought, hell is a waterless desert.

      If the people of earth became good, and obeyed the commandments of God that exist in all religions of God, and did only God’s will, and stopped torturing and killing and imprisoning animals and each other, then the energy of the earth would be more like heaven is, the earth would rise higher and be closer to heaven above and share its good love life giving energy.
      However, that is the choice of each individual on earth.

      The jews can only bring the world down to Hell. The more jews the lower the earth goes down to Hell. That is why they want to kill off as many gentiles as possible.
      That is why Covid vaXXXines are designed to kill everyone who emits Love energy and do not harm the jews and the Chinese, who being satanists, and atheists, emit the death energy of Hell.
      If the whole world is feasting on feeding off the energy of Hell, the jews get what they desire. They get to feed off the energy of Hell, and feel one with Hell. They desire to make this earth one with Hell and that will enable them to rule as masters over the gentiles they have brought down to Hell: the atheists, satanists and freemasons who have sold their souls for wealth, fame, power, and ego, PRIDE, is the fatal sin. All those who serve the jews will end up in Hell with them, as their slaves to torment.
      There is no death in Hell, so they may torture them forever.
      I Russia the Bolshevik jews had doctors keep the victims of their torture alive for as long as possible, so they could continue to torture them.
      Hitler was fighting the devil for your souls, when He fought against freemasonry, the Illuminati and all the jews.

      Hitler wanted to put an end to the jews and their demonic darkness and destruction, so He could return people to God and Love for one another, and thereby raise the level of earth higher, to bring you all up to Heaven. He did that in Germany.
      Just as Jesus attempted to do the same by converting the jews to Christianity.
      Then the world became better.
      Jesus succeeded,and the jews were banned from good society for a time, but once Hitler failed to eliminate the jews again, and the world despised him for it, then, the world became the kingdom of the jews and their NWO that it is today.
      You have all fallen and the earth has fallen and there will be a total connection with the earth to Hell when the 3 days of darkness come. Earth will drop down to the level with and become one with Hell during WW3. If you allow it to happen.
      Demons will appear from the black sun, which emits total darkness.
      They will torture and eat people, it is what they do for the energy they need to exist.
      You will not be able to see the sun or the moon or feel any of the good energy that comes from the Sun and from Heaven the life giving energy of God, His love and Heaven.
      You will be cut off from God and his love, forever.

      Only those who refuse the mark of the beast and understand that Hilter was Jesus returned and know that they were created by God from his love and refuse the trickery and lies of the jewish satanic: media, educational informational, communications and entertainment industries, modern medical system, science and technology and the money system of the evil jews.

      Anyone who does not understand that the jews are the slaves and children of Satan, and adores them will be cast into Hell for eternity.

      Animals must be allowed to live and exist in freedom and given love, from humans in order to keep the energy of heaven here on earth, they are evolving too. They are hated by the jews because they bring God energy to this earth. The jews are responsible for the slaughter of animals and the loss of their habitats and ruining the environment with poison to kill many species off.

      In the end you are either with God Jesus and Hitler, or you are with the devil and become his property for eternity.

      Everywhere the jews reside becomes a desert and just like Hell, it becomes filled with the putrid filthy, dark, deranged, destructive and disgusting evil energy of Hell itself.

      We must unite as gentiles, and pray to God to put an end to the jews and their wars. We must ask God to send all the jews to Hell and never allow them to exist with us again.
      We must pray that all the evil truth about the jews is revealed to the entire world, so the jews will no longer have the power to destroy the earth, all gentiles and their souls, with the endless jewish Wars or any part of the money/banking systems, that feed the jews their energy and the power of Hell they use against us.

      We must never hate the jews. Hate is what the jews feel all the time against the gentiles, and all life that God created. Hate is of Hell. To Hate is to open oneself up to demonic possession and become like the jews. We must Love God and fight evil with GOOD.

      The jews want us to Hate, they feed off of hate and all things that are evil.
      We must fill the earth with the good things of heaven and drive the jews out of our world, so they can’t keep turning our earth into a replica of Hell, which is the true goal of all jews, and the goal of all that the jews and their children after they die, and go to Hell, do here on earth.

      The jews think the devil is god, jews think ugly is beautiful, they think evil is good, they think wrong is right. They think lies are good and truth is evil.They think devolution is evolution, they think heaven should not exist, they hate it. They hate God, heaven, and all things good and of God. They hate babies and puppies and flowers and all the things we gentiles know are good and love. They enjoy and revel in violence, cruelty and torture. They do not know loving sexual relationships. They think all relationships even sexual ones have no love or equality. They are dominant and submissive relationships where the dominant person abuses the submissive ones, just as is done in Hell. They invented sadomasochism and it is their ideal of what all relationships must be. Wars are their heaven, because wars are exactly like HELL on earth.
      To the jews Hell is their version of heaven. That is why they love Wars. That is why they have used the money system they own to create poverty and lack, and division of classes, to cause the ones at the bottom to suffer the most, that is the jewish evil pyramid way of Hell and devolution.
      Satanism, the religion of the jews and their Talmus satanic bible is a recreation of and replication of what Hell is like. The jews Like Hell. It is their version of Heaven.

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