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The Firmament Chapter 1 – Free Your Mind

    RealWeekendWarrior – March 23rd, 2023

    NASA research has led me here.

    3 thoughts on “The Firmament Chapter 1 – Free Your Mind”

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    2. Because all science and technology comes from the fallen angels of Hell attempting to replace God with themselves. It is satanic. Your money system is satanic run by Lucifer.
      They use the jews to do it.
      Jews LIE, the jew will never tell the truth, demons can only lie.
      The jews are only bodies with no souls born of mothers with no souls all the way back, to Atlantis.
      Atlantis was taken over by the fallen angels before and after they destroyed their own world.
      They did things to you. They altered your DNA and this is your one chance to get it back from God.
      Jews have no free will or free thought they are just soulless vessels for any demonic entity to possess from birth to death for the service of the fallen angels of Hell. They are one hive mind from Hell.
      Who are in a battle for the human race with God which allows humans to decide who they belong to.
      You can’t serve 2 masters you can’t love and have faith in God and also believe and serve the jews, who are just bodies possessed from birth by demons, the enemies of God.
      Demons once human who lost their souls and ended up in Hell.
      Right now Hell is empty, ever demon in Hell has is now on earth.
      Some are in the jews and many more are just waiting to take hold of any gentile that loses their souls.
      Hell is where there is no truth at all. It is the place where evil is good and good is evil.
      God is the truth.
      That people know the truth now about flat earth is proof that some people here belong to God.
      The devil is all and only LIES. Science and technology kills/destoys life it does not make life better.
      God has infinite miraculous powers. The devil has NOTHING but the power to destroy as he fakes being Godlike. Fakes that evil is good. attempts to get people to follow him to HELL.
      Above the earth is Heaven, below the earth is HELL.
      There are 7 gates down to Hell on earth.
      Aliester Crowley opened one in California.
      He brought a demon up from Hell. That was the lie/birth of NASA, satanic NASA.
      CERN is a gateway to Hell.
      The DUMBS are gateways down to Hell.
      Humans have to choose if they want to go DOWN, like our jew controlled governments, run by the LUCIFERIAN, demonic fallen angels of Hell in generational bodies of certain families on earth who never die, they pass from one soulless body to its next generation body.
      If you want to save the earth, lock up the Bankers and all the jews, which is what Hitler tried to teach you to do. Otherwise, they will destroy all life on earth and the earth. They have one power: destruction of all life. They are death energy. Life killing energy of HELL.
      They have below this earth in Hell (turtles all the way down), a black sun, that emits darkness and life-killing energy. Fire and ICE all at the same time.
      If the devil continues with his plans, the earth will flip like a turtle on its back, and you will see it, and that will be the end. The black sun is gigantic and will envelop, (it is like a big dark burning cloud) the entire earth.
      All you need is God. But you cannot be with the jews and allow them to control this earth for its destruction and also be with God.
      Everyone will be forced to make a final choice soon.
      To take the mark of the CBDCs or not.
      Heaven or Hell. From 2017:
      From 2010, a warning about the Vaxxxines to depopulate the world:

    3. Fascinating that you know all about the jews and who they are, but nothing about the Lord Jesus Christ, and Who He is.

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