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The devastating dynamics and the hypnotic effects of Mass Formation Psychosis

    The Truth Above All – June 29th, 2022

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    If you see video on my channel it does not mean I agree with all content provided
    I provide info but people should be smart enough to figure out what they think
    If you CANT comprehend it and you are still going to argue with me and not the content creator,you are just a retard who cant read.
    Never argue with an idiot
    Idiot will always bring you down to his level and ALWAYS will defeat you with experience

    I am sick of people asking: where is proof?
    A lot of people is just lazy as FCK and expect everything will be given to them on a golden platter!
    This channel is created to give info about certain topics
    Do your own research in the particular matter you are interested in!

    You can bring horse to water but you cant make him drink!

    Where is proof?—The-Proof-Is-Here-(Examine-Your-System-of-Beliefs):d?QUESTION: Why I Do What I Do?
    1.Read this comment section
    2.Watch and listen – content of video will explain everything…—WHY:dYOU SHOULD WATCH THIS as well
    I challenge you to watch it without any emotions
    Its worth to mention that ‘our ELITES’ are highly involved in this particular behavior—Eyes-of-the-Devil-(A-Documentary-by-Polish-Film-Director-Patryk-Vega):f
    &!:9Respect each other
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    COVID-Combination Of Vaccination and IDentification

    It is easier to deceive people than to convince them they have been deceived!

    James Bullard – Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President
    “Planned,organized,partial shut down of US economy during 2nd quarter of 2019”
    We know the PLANdemic was introduced and imposed not only in the USA
    How did they know there will be pandemic?—They-Do-Not-Want-You-to-Know-What-Is-Coming-(Documentary-BANNED-on-YouTube):0?

    Thats why its called PLANdemic

    To understand what is going on,we need go back to basics
    GovernMent from Greek and Latin (combined) consisted of 2 parts:
    Govern/Kuberna (Greek) means to rule/to guide
    Ment (Latin mente) means mind/thought
    Connecting those 2 words means TO RULE/GUIDE YOUR MIND/THOUGHT

    To understand what is going on we need get back to basics again: Anarchy original definition
    Not changed and adjusted by the global agenda narrative by adding for example connections with Marxism which is BS
    In ancient Greece the chief magistrate in various Greek city states was called archon (ruler)
    An Archon (Greek) – WITHOUT ruler

    True anarchist means to be person who does not want to be ruled by anyone-thats all
    If someone call himself as an anarchist but he riots and burns
    He does not know what anarchy stands for and he is using this phrase to his own gain
    Its obvious that media changed the definition of the word anarchist
    Today,by mainstream media,anarchist is called the person who burns,destroys,riot
    Thats the Incendiary and Rioter-basic definition again
    BLM are NOT anarchists!

    Patrice Cullors Co-Founder:’We are TRAINED Marxists/Communists’—Black-Lives-Matter-is-Led-by-Trained-Marxists-(Patrice-Cullors-Co-Founder-in-Her-Own-Words)(Marxists-and-Communists):eThey were/are paid Rioters who burn and destroy
    How they are used & for what reason—Dr-Sherri-Tenpenny-(Destroying-Small-Business-with-Sponosored-RIOTS!):2What they get for their actions—Labeled-a-Fraud-After-Buying-Luxury-Homes:bSource:

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