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The David Knight Show (21August20 Full Show)

    The David Knight Show

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    Topics by timecode:

    — 00:00:10 Tulsi not invited, breaking tradition of every candidate who won delegates getting to speak

    — 00:04:18 Judges rule lockdown in NZ was illegal but they don’t care — same here in US

    — 00:13:29 Biden says he wants to take the muzzle off experts and put masks on YOU

    — 00:14:21 Australia official admits people who died while on “palliative care” are presumed COVID deaths — like in the US

    — 00:21:41 Biden has a miracle cure for virus — BIDEN! Other than that, no specifics

    — 00:30:56 Texas A&M mandating COVID tests, Utah will fine elementary students up to $1,000 for not wearing masks

    — 00:45:50 Drones to check masks, fines for traveling too far IN CAR from home, raids on the homes of those organizing anti-mask rally

    — 00:53:17 Goldman Sachs says all financial transactions will be digital by 2030 as cash is disappearing

    — 01:17:47 Trump stop funding for most, not all, aborted baby fetal tissue experiments

    — 01:27:58 Who are the companies using aborted babies to develop vaccines, why are they paid BILLIONS to do it by Trump’s OperationWarpSpeed?

    — 01:51:44 Transhumanist head of NIH, Francis Collins (Fauci’s boss) is called a “devout Christian” by “Christian Post” as he organizes 2,700 evangelicals to tell you it’s your moral obligation to take untested DNA vaccines developed using aborted babies and don’t question “experts”

    — 01:55:04 Why is We Build the Wall being investigated but not the Clinton Foundation? How much wall was built and cost per mile? Is this another political persecution like General Flynn?

    The David Knight Show

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