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The David Knight Show (11August20 Full Show)

    The David Knight Show

    Topics by timecode:

    — 00:04:16 Isolation from cradle to grave is already happening as the plan unfolds; Trump pushes restrictions on Americans re-entering country if a bureaucrat “reasonably” thinks they “may” have COVID

    — 00:13:47 Putin’s boasting about a long term safe & effective vaccine after 2 months is a joke, but no bigger joke than Fauci’s testing protocol. Russian comedian, Smirnoff, sees nothing funny in the tyranny unfolding in USA

    — 00:31:34 The NIH conducted a “messaging study” on 4,000 people in July to test propaganda messages about vaccines to a reluctant public

    — 00:43:49 FOX’s pharmaceutical prostitute, Dr. Mark Siegel, pushes the idea of UN-VACCINATED children wearing yellow badges

    — 00:55:55 College football shutting down, NFL and auto racing add more restrictions — why do we subsidize these billionaires’ stadiums?

    — 01:13:46 Details from OSHA rule from 2007 that should prohibit masks. But no Constitution, law or rule will stop Fauci

    — 01:24:04 Business Insider & other propaganda press pretend there’s no data from Sweden to contradict lockdowns & masks — here’s the data AND charts

    — 01:28:37 Chicago resorts to medieval tactics to control looters

    — 01:38:20 Dems & GOP play political games with pork & stimulus — have the VOTERS lost the plot? — 01:52:59 Biden Veep-stakes are designed to keep everyone hanging on but he appears to have lost his BFF Kamala’s affections

    — 01:56:06 Federal Reserve is pushing continuation of lockdown to “save the economy” — the same people who have lost 99% of the value of the dollar against GOLD. Here’s why gold is REAL money.

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