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    Darren – November 12, 2021

    Since the Pandemic Potential (COVID-19) Declaration 2020 from the Governor General of Australia, we have been living in the state of exception, which may be described as a liminal space between law and life where the law no longer applies and where pure force appropriates lawlessness unto itself in order to make itself the law. Positioned in a kind of “no-man’s land between public law and political fact”, the state of exception “is not a dictatorship (whether constitutional or unconstitutional, commissarial or sovereign) but a space devoid of law, a zone of anomie in which all legal determinations—and above all the very distinction between public and private—are deactivated.”98 Our homes as prisons, our bodies no longer inviolate, the mark of the needle, like the Star of David, the determiner of who is included and who is excluded, all embody the state of exception and may be considered harbingers of what lies ahead.

    Below is the lead up to the present state of tyrannical power imposed by a governmental medical mafia.

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