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    The Marshall Report – January 20, 2021

    The first Day of the Biden Corporation is off to a very busy start. Many executive orders needed to be over ridden and the CEO was ready with pen in hand. Rescinding, rescinding….and then of course 1776 Report canceled from the White House web site along with anything Trump and We The People, replaced with WE THE PEOPLE CORPORATE RULINGS.

    The surreal event just didn’t seem all that patriot, nor did it have any pomp and grandeur. At least that was my take. The gaslighters on fake news said it was the bla, bla, bla and best they ever saw.

    What the press failed to report was the message from the President of France who praised President Trump and railed in a professional manner about the coup to steal the election. Well, Biden’s off on the wrong foot there…and I’m sure the whole world is watching with popcorn to see just how far he will be able to go on his corporate leash?

    The French praising President Trump.— @amuse (@amuse) January 20, 2021

    After all, it is now common knowledge that one of the sister corporations, the one that funds the stuff also known as the Vatican has had their coffers all but emptied and so has the Italian government. The entire nation is running in circles and the government heads have resigned. So far including the Italian mafia over 300 in Italy have been arrested….leaving Italy in a financial shambles that looked dire until yesterday it righted itself a bit leaving Conte in power, but, with a tighter rein. We’ll have to wait and see where this goes for it’s still broke. Italy’s Conte survives no-confidence vote to stave off government collapse – The Washington Post . Where ever the gold in the vaults have gone is anyones guess, and then there are other issues within its secrets. Vatican risks going broke slowly, former treasurer Cardinal Pell says | Catholic News in Asia | | Licas News

    Biden is ready to write checks and send big bucks to governors, nations, and rev up a war while he halts oil production at home and gets us back into the middle east energy wars. He has rolled up his sleeves ready for the games to begin. I think they are called the Hunger games. At least his entertainment today gave that impression.

    The Biden Corporation had a bit of the hunger games and super bowl half time as Lady Gaga presented her version of something…dressed right out of the movie and singing the national anthem. By the way she sang the song beautifully and her voice was lovely. That’s true.

    When she was preparing, Mike Pence was there to assist, handing he the microphone. How sweet.

    Lady Gaga performs the national anthem at the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden— CNN (@CNN) January 20, 2021

    Don’t even ask me to explain the photo above, for although I liked the movie, I’m not sure I want to live it. My answer would be strikingly shocking for most ears to hear. But we seem to have Lady Gaga and the hunger games stars saluting their new CORPORATE OVERLORD in the land of something? Certainly not under God. It wasn’t your typical coronation, that’s for sure. Perhaps they were just getting ready to see who would be sent out in this years games. You know, who gets to eat and who doesn’t sorta thing.

    But, hey…I really have no clue as to what this meant or the meaning they intended to send. It’s like the innocent spirit cooking thing…I have no idea what they mean or don’t mean by eating food that looks like human body parts and babies. It’s one of those elite upper class things that they do for fun and people who question it all are crazy conspiracy nuts.

    The CEO also held his first press conference today. It looks a bit high tech but hey, he’s on the cutting edge and enjoys censorship. He can unplug any questions he wants. It’s fool proof for the new corporation.

    Why didn’t Trump think of this?

    Meanwhile, President Trump sent his letter to the new CEO as is custom. Now, I am told this was the letter, so before anyone fact checks me and starts to hollar…I make no claim as to the authenticity of this letter, I merely present it for you to see and consider.

    Meanwhile in cities outside of the corporate grounds the protestors that Biden called a myth, and fake news called peaceful, were conducting their own form of support. I was told that once there was a new CEO over the corporation and now because of that, all the protests would stop. Well, this is just the first day…so I’ll give it a little longer before I make any real judgement.

    Portland: An #antifa tries to stand in front of a Portland Police officer. He gets knocked to the ground.— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) January 21, 2021

    Portland: Police make a few arrests of #antifa after they destroyed the Democratic Party of Oregon headquarters. #PortlandRiots— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) January 21, 2021

    Portland: Davis Beeman, an #antifa militant who was arrested at a riot last summer, was arrested again just now at the antifa #J20 riot. #PortlandRiots— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) January 21, 2021

    Portland: #Antifa try to steal an officer’s bicycle after he confiscated a knife from one of them. #PortlandRiots— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) January 21, 2021

    Antifa robots have taken control of Portland.— @amuse (@amuse) January 21, 2021

    Black-clad insurgents in Portland flip over a family in an SUV.— @amuse (@amuse) January 21, 2021

    Antifa celebrating Biden’s inauguration.— @amuse (@amuse) January 21, 2021

    The media is finally covering Antifa’s attacks on families in Portland. Don’t trust me, just watch their videos.— @amuse (@amuse) January 21, 2021

    While all the excitement of the peaceful protests took place, there were people who gathered to hear the departing speech by the President Trump. Quite a different crowd.

    Hangar doors open as people flood onto the runway towards Air Force One #Trump #Andrews #January20th #USAF— Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) January 20, 2021

    Later in the day when President Trump was escorted to his home in Mara Largo there were some mobs of patriots there to do some very dangerous waving. (sarcasm)

    That’s not slowmo, President Trump’s motorcade is slowly making its way east on Southern Boulevard to Mar-a-Lago. As he went by he was waving at supporters @WPLGLocal10— Ian Margol (@IanMargolWPLG) January 20, 2021

    The streets were lined with people cheering and waving as he passed in his motorcade.

    Trump leaves White House, says 'It's been a great honor'

    Earlier in the day, President Trump departed the Whitehouse on which looks like Marine One with the presidential seal on the front. Which is the BIGGEST CLUE OF ALL!

    “After a presidential inauguration resulting in a change in office, the outgoing president is provided transport on a VC-25 aircraft to their home destination. The aircraft for this flight does not use the Air Force One call sign because it is not carrying the president in office. Whether the call sign was on or off, I do not know, however, shouldn’t Marine One have been reserved for the CEO of the Corporation? Trump leaves White House, says ‘It’s been a great honor’ (

    So have fun with that one, and again…I make no disclaimer as to whether it was or was not proper to leave with the CEO’s plane…I am merely pointing out what happened today. The article in the link calls it MARINE ONE and the only time you call it MARINE ONE is when a seated president is on board.

    So, that’s the run down on a part of today’s behind the scenes events the news doesn’t show you. We’ll bring you more updates as time ticks away.

    Pray for one another and stay safe!

    Dianne Marshall

    The Marshall Report

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