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The Blackmail Thing and How It Ties Into the Globalist Plans

    Amazing Polly – January 6th, 2021.

    Wild ride! Lin Wood is tweeting about it & people are very upset. He’s not crazy and this video explains why. Viewer comments from my last video provide interesting clues! TO SUPPORT MY WORK please go to my website- NOTE: I can once again accept online contributions! OR you can get my PO Box Address to send something via regular mail. Thank you x1000 to all of you! We will win this thing!

    Lin Wood tweets:

    IPOT Nashville Evergreen:

    Amazing Polly Video re pizzagate:

    Amazing Polly Psy Ops Goes Mainstream:

    Amazing Polly: How the CIA Broke America:

    Amazing Polly NXIVM :

    Flint offers money for dirt on Trump:

    Hefner’s Blackmail tapes:

    James Holmes 1:

    Michael Barden Twitter:

    Amazing Polly

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