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    Just a Dude – October 2022

    The ‘Big Reset Movie’ shows the truth about the so-called ‘pandemic’ and how detrimental policies have been implemented all over the world using fear and manipulation it includes statements from a wide range of experts who show what’s behind the Great Reset.

    This film is DISTURBINGLY MIND BENDING as it exposes the who, what, when, where, why, and how.

    The world’s population must attempt to connect the dots to discern the truth. I hope this movie will trigger a massive awakening around the world. The more it is shared and circulated, the more lives will be saved.

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    1. Covid was just another jewish congame.

      America will fall because of a confidence game:
      Your enemies that will take you down to literally HELL are: Russia, China, and Israel the Communist jewish run nations under total control of LUCIFER.
      In all confidence games, one false friend will play either savior or victim to control you by your EGOS, to trust and assist him and supply him with full access to all you have: that is Israel.
      In secrecy, behind Israel are his co-conspirators: Russia and China.
      Israel, through the jewish control of the MEDIA all over the world, and the Holocaust MYTHs and lies that they used to gain your sympathy and support, is your false, fake, phony friend and all gentiles’ worst enemy.
      When you give support and aid to your worst enemy, thinking he is your friend, but who is in reality: a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and when you continue to be led/misled by all that enemy’s LIES and Deceit, it will fleece you out of everything you own and take all you ever had including your freedoms and souls from you.

      The secret Con artist team: Russia, China, are working hand and hand with their lead “confidence man: the jews and Israel. The jews took over Russia and China when they brought it down under total satanic communist control.

      They are going to take all you ever had, your freedoms and your souls too, in the next coming months during WW3, because you are their easy gullible and ridiculously stupid MARKS: one who sees their worst enemy as a friend. Once who has been convinced with lies, that thet friend is a “good guy” a special ‘martyr’ or ‘savior’ or both. You will fall, America and the former free world will fall because of the UN, the Globalists’ Central Banks and their own capitulation to every deceitful and disgusting lie that the enemy presents to them, exploring their support and assistance. America and the rest of the free world will become bankrupt third world nations in a few short weeks and months.

      You have given your enemies all the power and wealth where none existed and an unearned reputation of decency where none could ever exist. Everything they need to take everything from you, you have supplied them with, all in great ‘false pride’ the sin Lucifer always counts on to take souls. You have abandoned God and your own intelligence and for your PRIDE.
      The jews will continue to play upon your pride, and you all will pridefully continue to believe the lies of the jews, even after they have already taken almost everything from you, including millions in the jewish medical confidence game of Covid genocide. They have since you accepted your worst enemy as a beloved friend, destroyed all your morality, ethics, scruples, values, and obedience to God and his commandments. They have made you atheists and converted your children into Satanists. You have abandoned God and your souls, for the sake of this false idol Israel and their unholy congame that will take you all down to Hell before May 2023.

      You resisted all efforts to believe the truth, you abandoned God and befriended the enemies of God, your souls and all that is holy. Now you will pay the price for that mistake.

      Everything that is coming now, will come from the enemy you allowed to mislead you away from God and all that God has given you up until this point.God will not give anything to the ones who have abandoned him. You made your own wrong choices. You also refused the truth given for your own salvation, and to save you from the plans of the evil one” Lucifer. You accepted his lies and his people: the jews, in place of God and his Love for you.

      What is coming to the UK, USA, AU, EU, and Scandinavia, is total HELL and nuclear war. Cataclysms, never known before, are coming to destroy the entire world. The entire ruination of the earth brought down to Hell, will all have had their birth in the con game, beginning with the acceptance and adoration of the Moloch Mammon Iniquity (which means inequality: the lack of ONENESS and UNITY: the jewish satanic, owned, run, and controlled ‘Banking system’ of capitalism, socialism and communism and ATHEISM. They have taken your souls and destroyed your connection to God completely through the endless wars that spread their control over “new markets” for their grift.The wars that led to the holocaust lies. You did it to yourselves. You mocked God and chose the devil’s lies over God’s truth and Love for you.

      Are you really that stupid that you believe those you befriend, because they need a friend are not secretly your worst enemies? That it was not a setup, that they seemed so pathetic and made up the pretense of being so oppressed and in need of help, intentionally to gain your trust and sympathy in order to enter into your society and it is all just a con, a big fraud and a scam, to gain your trust and friendship so they can then: milk you dry?

      Do you think that those who fake to come to your aid, from the strange and horrible things that have happened to you, did not secretly make those horrible things happen to gain your trust and make you vulnerable to their real intentions to destroy you?

      That is what the jews, who are satanists, enslaved under the commands of their demonic overlords do. They use con games to fool you.
      Human beings of earth are just really stupid.

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