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The 2020 US Election Was Decided By The Vatican: All Roads Lead To Rome (Satan Won Round One)

    Global Agenda – 9th Jan, 2021

    We were all looking at Dominion voting machines getting hacked in various States during the election. We all thought that the votes were being manipulated in Frankfurt and being sent back to the USA in favor of Joe Biden. Now word is coming out that Italy was Ground Zero for the Dominion Machines vote harvesting. Between Italian tech amd military giant Leonardo and the Italian government (including the US Embassy in Italy) it looks like Trump was part of a New World Order take down or should I say shake down all for getting the Illuminati’s ‘Great Global Reset’ implemented and Donald Trump was in the way and the world economic Forum needed Joe Biden in place. What happened to the USA and Donald Trump is purely the act of Satan himself and Trump’s demise came right out of Satan’s bedroom…. The Vatican. By the way Obama financed the Coup by sending $400 million to Italy in stolen government money.

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    2 thoughts on “The 2020 US Election Was Decided By The Vatican: All Roads Lead To Rome (Satan Won Round One)”

    1. I am pleased to see it is being told here. I learned of the Vatican involvement through several reliable sources.
      It breaks my heart to face a invalid president destroying our country.
      A friend produced a film called Electoral Dysfunction. It was true when Bush was elected .
      Treason is the word and many need serious jail time.
      The term tactical stalking should be understood by all who speak out about this government take over.
      I pray for America to wake up in time. We are at war and the border is an invasion .
      We can not save the world, but there is time to save ourselves.

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