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    Harry_knowledge123 – June 6th, 2023

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    π˜• 𝘌 𝘍 𝘈 π˜™ 𝘐 π˜– 𝘜 𝘚

    Plot: The end is near for an inmate on death row.

    Dr. James Martin just has to determine if he’s sane and can be executed or insane and escape execution.

    One catch though.

    This inmate, Edward, says he’s a demon named Nefarious and he’s on Earth to accomplish a mission for his master.

    On top of that, he says James is going to murder three people before the day is done.

    This will be no easy evaluation and the doctor may not even make it out of this alive.

    In fact, he just may be in for a face to face with Satan himself.

    On the day of his scheduled execution, a convicted serial killer gets a psychiatric evaluation during which he claims he is a demon, and further claims that before their time is over, the psychiatrist will commit three murders of his own.

    2023 R 1h 37m
    Release date April 14, 2023 (United States)


    1. It is true that the demons from Hell can enter any person who has a dead soul or is missing their soul/was not born with a soul. Those born to a mother who has no soul (a jewish woman) are born psychopaths with demons in them from birth, hence you are only a jew if your mother is also a jew.
      They can also go into those who do not obey the 10 commandments, that is why the jews push you with movies and music that disobeying the 10 commandments is good.
      So in that way, if you punish or kill a jew or a psychopath you have disobeyed a commandment, a mortal/cardinal sin; and then, the demon can cross into that punisher or killer. That is why it says in the Bible in Genesis, after Cain (born of Eve and Satan) killed his brother Abel and went away that God tells the people not to kill or harm Cain or try to bring him to justice. Only God can judge and punish people. When you punish someone, then you in turn will be punished the same way (simple law of Karma). People who work in the justice and legal profession and judge and punish are very often possessed through their own hypocrisy and lack of forgiveness and mercy. When it states over and over in the Bible how God is not with the hypocrites or those who punish after judging people deserving of a punishment. Of course there are exceptions on judgment day, if the circumstances warrant it to God, anyone can be forgiven, He will be merciful, but only to those who repent and ask for it, and have also shown great mercy and forgiveness to others. Many death row murderers have repented, returned to God and been saved before they die. Charity given them is something very very precious to God. It makes him happy. That is why it is good to help such people, and many Priests and Nuns and Catholics give such charity. Even one recent Pope went to meet, bless and forgive the gunman who shot and tried to kill him.
      It is sad that the jews have made you all so vengeful and fearful of harm. If you truly knew God, and his love and loved him in return, you would have no fear of any demons. They can only harm those who hate, and reject God, or claim he does not exist: psychopaths, jews who are born psychopaths, atheists and satanists. They can also take over the clones that the satanists actually do make. Clones only have a short lifespan, they have nothing from God in them. Therefore God does not preserve them as living entities. They just exist to serve Satan in the battle.
      Just do the opposite of what the soulless and psychopaths and jews do.
      Do not be a part in any way or accept sin or be silent about their sins. Sin is anything that is never allowed or done in Heaven but it is always acceptable and done in Hell. Like abortion, which is murder.
      Be LOVE, be Peace, joy and truth only, even when all around you others do the exact opposite.
      Just see the jews and the demons of Hell who exist in all the evil sinners on earth, as an example not to follow, be the way Jesus is and follow his example, be christlike: Love, show mercy and forgiveness to everyone, even the jews. Never harm them.
      In Heaven when people are harmful and do evil they are rounded up by that family and separated male from female and sent to a place where they cannot harm anyone but themselves and allowed to die out, if that is what happens, that is God’s will. He alone must decide who lives or dies.
      That is what Hitler did. He separated them out so they could not harm anyone, but he did not punish them or make them suffer or kill any of them. They had good humane living conditions. It was only the war brought by the jews themselves that brought them and many many others including the German people to starve. The jews are LIARS who project their own evil onto others. The evil that has no limits, as you will soon find out in WW3, which should occur on July 4th in the US. It will be like when they consecrated Russia China and Israel to Lucifer in satanic ritual blood-torture-starvation, and slave labor, whereby 100’s of millions of gentiles died.
      They plan on doing the same world wide.
      That is the final battle.
      Billions of people worldwide will die in the coming battle for your souls.
      Only having a pure white and holy soul, can protect you from the army of Satan that is soulless and totally possessed by demons including new soulless robot super cloned soldiers.
      They can’t touch those who are truly God’s children and obey all his commandments, especially to love your neighbor as yourself, and give them Charity,mercy and forgiveness.
      It will be the final test before the final judgment of all mankind.
      Be Christlike, he came and died to show you how to do it even when the jews were killing him.
      Do that when the jews are killing all Christians In WW3.

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