Getting rich off death in Yemen

Sorelle Amore Finance – Apr 22, 2022 OUR NEWSLETTER: Use code “SORELLE” when signing up to FTX below: JOIN FTX (USA):… JOIN FTX (GLOBAL):… Who is getting rich off the war in Yemen? In this video, I’m going to share with you how our money is flowing Read more…

A World of Deception

EricDubay Published May 10, 2022 The following is a re-edit of a classic interview removed from my channel delving into conspiracies, the flat earth, evolution, dinosaurs, scientific hoaxes, religion, the new world order, project bluebeam and more. To help support me you can get all my books direct from the Read more…

The Obama Revolution

Greg Reese – May 5, 2022 The American Oligarchy pushes for nuclear war as humanity awakens to their heinous crimes Survival Shield X-2 Nascent Iodine is back at 25% off! Take your cellular function to the next level today!

American War Machine – Joe Rogan

MediaGiant – January 23rd, 2021. In this video Joe Rogan talks about how he feels about the corruption in the American government and military. He has a way of explaining things that can be felt and understood by everyone. (re)edited by: The Paradigm Shift MediaGiant