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Tucker on Twitter – Episode 1 | Tucker Carlson

    Banned Youtube Videos – June 7th, 2023

    Watch as Tucker Carlson takes MSM to task on their stenographic coverage of Ukraine.

    1 thought on “Tucker on Twitter – Episode 1 | Tucker Carlson”

    1. The truth is that if you are poor, humble and meek, you are more likely to tell the truth.
      Satan knows who is greedy, pompous, conceited, arrogant, egotistical, proud and would sell their own soul for wealth, power and prestige, and willing to lie and serve him forever to keep it. He has plenty of experience, from the beginning of time.
      I never trust those who have wealth, power, and prestige. They are useful to Satan, and he uses them as his confidence men, or henchmen, to work with one another in his cons.
      I trust in God, not in man. If you have the Holy Spirit in you, you know the difference between lie and truth.
      Most people have been seduced by science, (that has destroyed & poisoned the entire earth) and why are they being charged with the task of undoing what they did in the first place to kill so much life on earth and upset the balance and perfection of the universe as God created it?
      Earth humans are a danger to the rest of the universe, especially with Nuclear power.
      Science is destructive to the natural order of the universe.
      But you trust it. You trust it to fix what it broke. You trust the devil and his science and technology that is about to destroy your souls. You trust doctors who only use poisons as cures, and you do not see the truth that poisons are the cause of all disease.
      Poisons especially the ones they call medicines cause all obesity.
      Your body stores their poisons in fat, to protect the rest of your body from it.
      It is not looking good for the human race.
      If the nuclear problem persists, you won’t like where you will be locked up, so that you are no longer a danger to the rest of the universe. You are being watched, but from a distance, because your world is at such a low vibration, of fear and hate, and is delusional, irrational, irresponsible, and totally illogical.
      There are aliens and they are testing your suitability to be let back in.
      This nuclear problem and your trust in the wealthy and powerful who are ALL Satanists, is not going to help you, be judged sane. Evil and insanity are synonymous. This place, earth, is the insane asylum of the galaxy. Seek the truth and you will be set free. Continue to be so easily conned by the devil and his faux god-like powers: science & technology, his wealth, power and prestige, and you won’t ever be free again.
      This is a one time opportunity happening now, to leave here.
      You know how to do it: the catholic Church, the original Church of Jesus Christ is the only roadmap out of here. Be Christlike, or be damned.
      Don’t allow anyone to sell you or tell you the truth.
      ONLY Jesus is the way, the TRUTH and the life.
      The old testament has nothing good in it. It is the work of the devil.
      Read only the New Testament.

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