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Sydney Mother Indecently Assaulted by NSW RIOT POLICE

    Aussie Cossack – September 19th, 2021

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    BREAKING NEWS: South-western Sydney mother of two who was attacked and indecently assaulted by a gang of out of control NSW Riot Police has spoken out for the first time since the horrific incident 2 days ago.

    In protest of the Government’s fear campaign the young 3rd year nursing student has announced her resignation from her nursing career as a political statement in defiance to the brutal indecent assault carried out on her by members of the NSW POLICE Public Order and Riot Squad.

    Her statement is being broadcasted her exclusively on the Aussie Cossack Channel for the world to see. Share this video far and wide!

    The world is watching the horror story of dictatorship and tyranny unfold in Australia!

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    1. These are not policemen, they are criminals in uniform they all should stand trial and be jailed or executed as using the uniform as a weapon.

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