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Stupidly Demented Adults Syndrome

    TheCrowhouse – June 10th, 2022

    1 thought on “Stupidly Demented Adults Syndrome”

    1. It is the jews. The Ashkenazim, who are the descendants of Judas and became the Antichrist people. They work for the devil and they are not smart, they serve Lucifer and he makes them do what they do to all gentiles. Their Talmud is the opposite of the Bible and they have no souls. Everything they say is a LIE, the opposite is true. They want to kill off all gentiles, everyone who does have a soul, if they can’t turn them from God and make them soulless with freemasonry and the corruption of our Christian morals and values. Their time is almost up so they are working overtime. However, the more power they have in equal measure, the more power God gives us to go the opposite way and know he Loves us and will protect us from the Judas-jews. Jews is not short for Judeans, it is short for jews the sons of Judas. The jews devolved into the image and likeness of the devil there is no truth on them, they are of their God Lucifer. They are a lethal poison to all life around them. Any fallen Angel or demon can enter the body of any jew, any clone and any gentile that has sold his soul to Lucifer, as a freemason, Illuminati and 33 degree mason=Illuminati. All the “elite” are just that human bodies possessed by demonic entities. They have been drinking adrenochrome since the beginning. They have worshiped Lucifer from the beginning and they have mostly reptilian/fallen angel DNA. They serve satan, they are satanists. They are sadists, psychopaths and control freaks, who need to dominate and control everyone and everything. They are paranoid and have the victim-martyr complex. They have no free will, because their God, Lucifer controls them and they want to do the same to us that Lucifer does to them. They have been poisoning gentiles forever. Especially with the food industries, Medical Industries, science and technology. Also porn and sex industries and illegal drug industries and gambling which they control. They push idolatry of Money as God. They have made people ignorant with their control of education and all the entertainment and communications media that poisons us with the devils’s LIES.
      They will never stop until Hell comes for them.It is coming very soon. It is the Black SUN/Hell and it will be here very soon in 2023. Then they will all be contained in a permanent prison for eternity. The same way Jesus who came as Hitler knew how to deal with them. Hitler never killed anyone, not one jew was killed when he ruled Germany.

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