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    SGT Report Published November 8, 2022

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    Author Caprice Thorsen joins me to discuss the war against our elections, our children, our schools and the battle for the soul os the USA. Caprice’s book ‘Instead of Schooling’ will help parents around the country to save their children from the Demo-RATS who seek to destroy everything that’s innocent and good – because they HATE God.


    1. The Bankers (Luciferians) run this world.
      Their religion is freemasonry.
      To be a freemason, you are hand picked, according to your traits,
      the number one trait being: having no conscience.
      That is what “do thou what thy wilt “means, acting with no conscience, no soul, no ethics, morals or responsibility.
      They want the whole world to be freemasons, they want only freemasons in government.
      The entire world of freemasonsry is a social credit system.
      The more you serve the devil, the more evil you are capable of, without limit, the higher you get in freemasonry. You must prove it by by participating in certain sadistic ritual that mimic what is done in HELL.
      The more wicked and evil, and unconscionable, a person is (monkey torturer Musk), the higher they go and the more money they receive as freemasons.
      None of them work for their money. They work to serve Lucifer.
      They do his bidding, for wealth and powerful titled positions, to belong to certain prestigious (to them) groups such as the WEF.
      Anyone who is not one of them gets nothing and will NEVER advance in status or wealth. It is a closed group called “the Order” and no one joins unless they are “chosen”.
      They do not have souls or angels guarding them, keeping them holy.
      They have EGO, and demonic entities that possess them which they consider, “having power” Those demons are very powerfully EVIL=destructive and can LIE and DECEIVE like it’s an art form from Hell.
      Insane demonic people, are all EGO and no soul.
      The most sane and Christlike people are no EGO, and all SOUL.
      This is the final chapter. The sheep and goats are being separated.
      The goats will receive the reward, eternal Hell, they chose.
      BUT before it ends if the Freemasons take the entire world, from God, in response the entire world will DIE, all life on the earth, and all available life giving resources will vanish from the earth. It will become a place of death, just like Hell before the very last people die. There is no death for your consciousness, your consciousness can never die.
      After death, you will go to the place your consciousness mirrors, either heaven or hell.
      Right now, everyone aligned to the devil and destined to eternal Hell, freemasons, knowingly or not are working very hard to get to Hell, by eliminating all those who are destined for heaven, all those who have a conscience and a soul, and reject the devil.
      The top Bankers are possessed by the fallen angels of Hell.
      When the economy falls the final test for where you belong will take place.
      It is your last opportunity to change sides, and stop worshiping Money as God and worship God and be saved.
      The winners of all elections have been hand chosen by the devil.
      The Illuminati have used satellites for decades to control election results.
      When the ashkenazi who invented freemasonry to get gentiles to help them serve the devil. caused the depression of 1929, by telling all the newly made rich businesses and services industries how to make more money by telling them this: cut labor costs. That cause unemployment and that caused no one able to spend their money on those goods and services, so they all failed.
      They then after the crash, bought up all the communications industries, Newspapers, publishing and especially SCHOOL BOOK PUBLISHING, entertainment industries, to use them all to program the people to believe the devil’s LIES and Deceit. They took over the schools and filled them with psychopaths as teachers. It gets much worse over time, until now, people are just waking up to the fact that everything they have been told or taught, is a lie, is all about convincing people that evil is good, and making them believe what is good and of God is wrong, harmful and just myth and ignorant superstition. They destroyed all the wisdom of the previous generations and replaced it with science and satanism.

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