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Sometimes, I just wanna curse the living daylight out of these creatures.. !!!

Asma13 – March 8th, 2023

I hold my tongue, but my heart screams volumes 😖🤬😡 …

1 thought on “Sometimes, I just wanna curse the living daylight out of these creatures.. !!!”

  1. Anyone who does not know that the synagogue of s is the ashkenazi jews, and they are the antichrist and that they serve Lucifer and Satan and despise all gentiles because we have souls, is most likely going to burn in Hell.
    Why because if you are for the jews in Isreal and support them as if they were God, and giving the antichrist the Holy Land you are equally guilty of all of their sins.
    Read the Bible: 1st Epistle of St John 1″For many seducers are gone out into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh: this is a seducer and an antichrist.”
    They are evil incarnate.
    They have defiled the Holy Land and made it a Sodom and Gomorrah worse than Hell.
    Those gentiles who allowed it are cursed and damned for eternity.
    They have no souls.
    Everything they do will put them in eternal Hell,
    When gentiles allow it, and take part in it, and defend and protect them, they are just as evil as the antichrist jews.
    BUT they do not care because all jews of the 13th tribe of Ashkenaz go directly to Hell anyway, so they have no limit to the evil they are capable of doing.
    If you are a gentiles and are on their side in any way, or even silent, you are also a contributor of their sins and will most likely go down to Hell with them, for being an active participant of their evil.
    That is why England, and the USA and Israel, and the now totally Jewish, satanic, Vatican are all going to be laid waste in what is coming to this earth before the end, and the final Judgement.
    Those places and all places that serve these devils, will vanish from the earth and exist only in spirit in Hell below for eternity.

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